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But also keep in mind that native-like fluency, among many other things, requires about 10,000 vocabulary words.

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‘The wise man builds his house on the rock,’ – so goes the traditional saying (it’s loosely based on Matthew 7:24-27 in the Bible), but while it is certainly wise to build a house on solid ground, and with the proper materials, this saying is generally taken to be about the foundations of our beliefs. find © EF Education First 2020. Please note that we use the imperial system, rather than the modern metric system, to refer to distances in idioms: Notice the way that prepositions are used to imply movement or direction in life: Also, if we are traveling along a road or pathway, we might expect to find obstacles to our progress and have to handle them in some way: And please note that idioms involving roads can refer to other things: When Benjamin Franklyn wrote that ‘time is money’ in his Advice to a Young Tradesman in 1746, he meant that time was a commodity which can be treated the same way that we treat money or any other resource. building n't

cover up. Like money, time is something that we save, waste or spend.

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Sometimes called an expression, an idiom can be very colorful and make a ‘picture’ in our minds. From an English language-learner’s point of view, they are the ‘icing on the cake’ much like phrasal verbs and adjectives.

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