Steve Jobs had an ability to recognize the beneficial skills in people, just in a much different way than Bill Gates. Since PowerPoint 2007 has been out quite a while now I wondered if Bill Gates' visuals and delivery have improved along with the software. However, “Bill Gates is awesomely smart,” he said, balancing out the comparison between the two technology gurus, “with that processor power smartness to him,” he added. However, “Bill Gates is awesomely smart,” he said, balancing out the comparison between the two technology gurus, “with that processor power smartness to him,” he added. Steve Jobs is the fellow benefactor of Macintosh, additionally the organizer of Pixar and NeXT. We're here to answer any questions you have about our services. 2050 Words 9 Pages. Bill Gates did not waste his time by using computer that time. If you need assistance with writing your essay, our professional essay writing service is here to help! One similarity between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs is they both had an early passion for technology, but neither of them followed “traditional” paths to achieve their success and both dropped out of college. Bill Gates, most known for being the co-founder of Microsoft, which is the biggest software company in the world. The things that everyone concerned about is, the characteristics in them that make them globally succeeded entrepreneurs and so well known. This popular quote from Shakespeare had explained its meaning through the stories of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. (2014). Rinearson, P. (1995). Retrieved 05 Apr 2014, from He was an entrepreneur; he was the co-founder, chief executive and chairman of Apple computer. Their products were used widely by all of us around the world. The Harshest Comparison Ever Between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Instead, he used the time for CCC Company to study the source code for various programs. Mary, B. The rivalry and competition between Gates and Jobs has become one of the most fascinating and brave in the American business industry. Contract Steve Jobs being the co-founder of Apple, also the founder of Pixar and NeXT. Steve Jobs had a very futuristic approach towards his inventions and thought about the future whereas Bill Gates had a very realistic approach and thought about the present. Born in the year 1955, both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates will be counted among the pioneers of the personnel computer and information technology revolutions in human history.In careers overlapping over 30 years and as business leaders of rival companies, Gates and Jobs never quite got along but calling them enemies would be an overstatement. The road ahead. But this did not stop Steve Jobs to continually gain knowledge in the field of technology because this is what he is interested in. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates both are innovative and creative too. You can view samples of our professional work here. Microsoft now owns part of Apple. Steve Jobs. William, H., G., (2009). Although Apple was more advanced in the beginning, Bill Gates did not burn bridges and was efficient in reaching the top and staying there. Speaking to Jon Stewart on the Daily Show this week, biographer Walter Isaacson made what can be regarded as the most concise yet accurate comparison ever between Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Apple’s late Steve Jobs. The website. Gates and Jobs had an understanding for the programming and they have contributed a lot to ... Gates also saved Apple with a $150 million infusion from Microsoft in 1997 when a returning Steve Jobs needed cash. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are known as the revolutionary personalities in the world of personal computer. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates gave us a lot of motivation and inspired us a lot to continue what we love doing and achieve our dreams, “To be or not to be, that is the question”. Remote, › Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs Hiring, © 2015 Bill Gates has made the bigger impact on the evolution of technology, and the world, than Steve Jobs. The Daily Show Steve Jobs was totally different from Bill Gates. All rights reserved | CareHealthJobs. Washington, D.C: Amazon. Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook. (2013). Looking for a flexible role? , The website. He skipped his mathematics classes to pursue his interests. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of The first product they launched was the Apple computers. Introduction Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are two of the most well-known names of our generation for being the co-founders of two very large corporations. Comparing Bill Gates And Steve Jobs - Green Bay, WI Posted: (6 days ago) Comparison between Steve Jobs of Apple and Bill Gates of Microsoft: On 24th of February 1955, Steve Jobs born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, he is best know as the co-founder & CEO of Apple Computer and somewhat less so for his leadership of Pixar which is a computer animation studio. Steve Jobs pioneered a series of technologies like the iPod and iPad. Truth be told, the remark is harsh (towards Gates), to say the least, but who can argue that that’s not the case? Steve Jobs was the founder of Apple in 1976 while Bill Gates was the founder of Microsoft in 1975. Walter, I. Posted: (15 days ago) Joanne, J. Registered office: Venture House, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7PJ. But, at the end of the banned period, four of them were offered by CCC to find bugs in their software as an exchange of free computer time in CCC Company. Investor website. Steve Jobs was hot headed and an “ass” to his employees, this was a major difference between the Gates and Jobs. After he left Harvard, he joined his childhood friend, Paul Allen to run their own company, the Microsoft Company. Posted: (1 months ago) Topic : Compare the characteristics of two successful entrepreneurs who have achieve global success. Politico, 45, 10-12. They both have similarities in their characteristics such as they do not give up for what they love doing and they are innovative and creative. Reference this. The Mothers Club of the Lakeside school bought a teletype and computers for the students that time and this is where Bill Gates wrote his very first computer programs, that is, he wrote a tic-tac-toe program which allowed people to play it on computers. Evidence 2: Later on, after he attended those creative classes, he began his career as a video game designer in Atari. During his time at Harvard, Bill Gates used his knowledge on programming software to develop a version of programming language “BASIC” for the first micro-computer that is, the MITS Altair. On the other hand, Bill Gates (born in Seattle ..., Posted: (6 days ago) Does it get more "Zen" than this? (2013). After that, in 1976, Steve Jobs and Wozniak, a friend of Steve Jobs that he knew during his school time started to run Apple Company. June 11, 2018 Philosophy. This time, it helps the company’s sales to be increased by 700 percent that is, making a profit of $139 million. The first product that Steve Jobs created was the Apple I computer in the 1970s. Evidence 1: Bill Gates attended public elementary school and the private Lakeside school. I mean, in the end, he makes the Zune and Steve makes the iPod.”, Even though Isaacson made these remarks with a straight face, Stewart burst into laughter, saying “That is the best eulogy I have ever heard in my life!”. Posted: (5 days ago) Inspirational Story: Steve Jobs. So, comparing the characteristics of two globally succeeded entrepreneurs would be the concern of this essay. Gates, a few months ago voiced his opinion on how electric trucks aren’t the long-term solution that we need, to which Musk bluntly responded stating how Gates has no idea about ‘electric trucks’. Little did Isaacson know that he would write one final chapter that he hadn’t planned to pen down - the scene where Jobs admits to the biographer that he is losing the battle with cancer. This paper highlights the similarities and the differences between the communication styles of two influential leaders in the world, namely, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Evidence 2: After creating the Apple I computer, both Steve Jobs and Wozniak were working together to invent a smaller, cheaper, accessible, and convenient products. By profession, Bill Gates is an American business ... Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a university student. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs weren't always enemies — Microsoft made software early on for the mega-popular Apple II PC, and Gates would routinely fly down to Cupertino to see what Apple was ... In 1976, when he was twenty one years old, he and his friend established his first company, Apple, in their garage. He then creates more and more software with his creativity and this led to the approach of the IBM Company to Microsoft in 1980 regarding its upcoming personal computer, IBM PC.