It is just to cover the salt. Glad to know! Whether you are a novice or an experienced cook I am sure Swasthi’s Recipes will assist you to enhance your cooking skills. some of my online frnds kept saying me about baking without oven and still I dint pay heads! You can leave your cake for about an hour, and afterwards, your masterpiece will surely come out firm and chewy. hence it is prepared during navaratri festival fasting and even during shivaratri fasting festival too. © Copyright 2019 Kitchen Design All Rights Reserved. You can also check this chocolate biscuit cake that needs no oven & is eggless too. 9. If the cake is overbaked then the edges can become hard. Does that mean that you can no longer make a cake for your family? You are Welcome! Gently mix until the flour is just combined well. If it is still moist then bake for few more mins. Here are other kitchen appliances that will help you make it possible. Pour the chocolate over the cake. If you are new to baking then you might be thinking why bake in a pressure cooker? But she had small cooker where the cake tin couldnt be placed. cake recipes can be slightly moist and perhaps lighter compared to traditional baked cake recipes. hence this recipe is for those who crave for basic cake and would like to explore their options with pressure cooker. instant malpua recipe | easy malpua recipe with milk powder with step by step photo and video recipe. Any plate will do. close the lid of cooker without keeping the gasket and whistle. Can we do normal cake like decoration with icing on this, pls. Oven me kitne celcius or time me bake krna hai plz reply. Can you correct me how can I do better next time. - It is suggested not to disturb the baking time by opening the lid again and again to check But honestly I myself get excited to check if its baking or not! Take a 10-inch non-stick pan and place the pan in this large pan along with the cake batter. So, let’s get started. I did the same in initial days till I figured out how to make it right :)All the best. thanks for sharing dear. Do not use cold milk. Add yogurt and mix well. 17. Do not use gasket & weight while baking. Masha allah!.. it has to be dry heat without any moisture and hence use salt or sand as a base to cooker. Oh ok may be its too much to praise this method but honestly a boon for ones who want to bake. I haven’t tried creaming for eggless cakes. Pour milk, sugar, vinegar, melted butter (or oil) and vanilla to a mixing bowl. You can use any chocolate or choco chips. Avoid setting the flame in high heat as it might burn the cake in the bottom, and oh, will make your cake look not so sweet. Cool it for 10 to 15 mins over a wire rack. 6. Still I feel it was a bit moist and sticky inside, not like the one in your picture. Avoid baking without spreading salt at the bottom. awesome cake dear...perfect looking just as if it was done in an oven :)thanks for sharing the step by step... What a useful post for new bakers. I & Monu Gillani are celebrating our very 1st combine event series - HM Besties Event #1 - Meat Lovers Month- U are most welcomed to link ur recipes here :) For details click here: Meat overs Month. I don’t have a proper pressure cooker to fit the 7 inch cake pan. This recipe yields you a soft, moist and delicious cake. If you follow all the above instructions your cooker will last longer even if you use it for baking often. After 2 decades of experience in practical Indian cooking I started this blog to help people cook better & more often at home. Transfer the batter to the cake tray. 16. Hello Anitha Ok. There you have it! Its just so very simple that even If u have an oven you might want to try out in stove top just for sake to knowing the result! Using a crockpot helps you bake with little to no effort at all. What Next When Your Dhokla Flops / Fails??? this dish has its origin from the persian, where zard means bright yellow color. App Store Cover it carefully and make sure to tighten the lid on. If it is moist, bake it for a few more mins. Open the pot after 15 minutes, dip a toothpick or skewer in the center of the cake, and see if it comes out with some batter on it, or clean. additionally, replace maida with wheat flour and oil with butter for more healthy cooker cake recipe. Can I use a glass container as a mould?? while it is easy to prepare cooker cake recipe, but still some precautionary steps has to be taken while preparing pressure cooker cake. Worry not, there are more options you can make use of and bake that cake specialty at home! as a result, gives a preheat oven atmosphere. an ideal chocolatey snack recipe made with plain flour, sugar and cocoa powder without oven. Brush milk on top to get a golden top. These cakes are: White Forest Cake; Oreo Cake; Funfetti Cake; Black Forest Cake; The lists of ingredients and the exact measurements for all four cake recipes are found in the description box. - Baking time may vary according to the density of batter and also the kind of pot we are using! If it is heavy pot, it might take time, But I have always used thinner variety of aluminium or indolium. chocolate cupcake recipe in katori | eggless & without oven cake in cooker with detailed photo and video recipe. however the recipe has been hugely embraced within the indian subcontinent region and is prepared for the special occasions. Do not overdo the mixture. Do not over mix. - Make sure you follow the instructions for making cake properly :), - You can use any type of ring as separator as long as It can hold the cake mould/ tin, - I had also made pizza using this method, If there is anymore quires Do feel free to ask me :). If not a cooker, it needs a proper aluminum or cast iron kadai or pot. Since Christmas is around I felt this is the right time to make a post on this topic. Hi. She had a ready made cake mix pack of milkmaid creations and wanted me to bake in cooker! When the cake is done you will begin to smell the baked cake. No oven at home? I am happy to have found this cake recipe which I want to try out for my kids first birthday during this lockdown period. !..Thanx for stopping by my blog. cooker cake recipe | pressure cooker cake | eggless chocolate cake without oven with step by step photo and video recipe. Baking a cake can be done in a hand mix or machine mix method. 2. Now put both on the heat and bake on low heat. Yummy produces four no-oven cake options for birthdays. Yes you can use wheat flour, just add 2 tbsps more water. I can’t check mine at the moment since it is packed and jammed up in my storeroom. Here in this preparation cake we are not using a pressure cooker, nor the most famous oven, it’s so simple that you might want to try it even if you have an oven. I really love your way of explaining all recipes. Never place the cake pan directly on the pot’s bottom, as it may cause the cake to burn. 19. Cake tray was placed on steel ring. further, transfer the cake batter into the cake mould (width: 15 cm, height: 6 cm, length: 17 cm). When using a cast iron pan, you can simply mix all the ingredients, let them sit, and place the mixture over a low hit. firstly, in a pressure cooker add in 1½ cup of salt and place a cooker rack or any cup. Avoid washing, rinsing or adding cold foods to the hot cooker after using it for baking.