"@type": "Answer", Super low maintenance – It does not wrinkle, stretches, tear-resistant, does not absorb a lot of water. You know, I'll bet if you emailed them directly, they would be happy to write to you about it. If I were providing one for a client, I'd be purchasing fabric that's already pintucked and having my workroom make it up for me. Pretty much anything goes:You can go all white - and I mean everything white (then use Philipps Hue light bulbs) and bathe your room in colourhttp://www.lighting.philips.co.uk/lightcommunity/lightgallery/hue/Or you can go with soft and muted and femininehttps://www.houzz.com/photos/bedroom-contemporary-bedroom-burlington-phvw-vp~763444 a more stark masculine lookhttps://www.houzz.com/photos/chocolate-and-cream-design-contemporary-bedroom-new-york-phvw-vp~82883. Florida, the Caribbean or a year round warm tropical environment, a Its purpose is to protect and extend the life of your comforters. Washing machine stops working at the wash cycle? A duvet cover is a soft flat bag or case that slips over the duvet or the comforter, similar to a pillowcase. When it comes to washing and drying, both of the duvet cover and blanket can be cleaned pretty easily. This protects your comforter investment, particularly if you opt for a down comforter. "name": "What is the best duvet cover material? From Wikipedia: Yep. Bedtime Stories: Should You Get a Quilt, Duvet, Coverlet or Bedspread? Duvet covers are a large bag made of fabric that the duvet insert or comforter slips into. The right bedding will help you immediately relax and keep you cozy, yet cool throughout the night. I am going to buy a comforter today. All $140, By Sanchita Sen },{ Protects your Down Comforter. Dean Miller Surf Bedding was the first company to specialize in Hawaiian and Surf themed bedding, and to help you bring some aloha home. Therefore, we recommend purchasing a cover with interior ties that secure the insert and keep it from moving. It’s the perfect solution in a child’s bedroom where tastes in kids bedding décor can change frequently and making the bed with multiple sheets and blankets is too difficult. Duvet cover as a blanket, duvet cover as a bedsheet, or duvet as the mattress pad – Who says we can’t? Charles (not Xavier) is a sleep enthusiast. Starting at away in the laundry pantry for later use, and not take up a lot of room. my questions are why does the duvet seem to big for the comforter and what are the ties for? Since the duvet cover is two separate layers of fabric, it can be used alone as a light bed covering, taking the place of a summer blanket or quilt. Shop top-rated mattresses with proven sleep-boosting materials. When it comes to the warm climates, just switch to one of these “summer duvets”. OK, it IS a coverlet. can be to much to sleep under in the summer months. How do I insert the comforter into the cover? If using the duvet cover as a blanket or bedsheet sounds too funky for you, then there are other alternatives. covers, or any beach bedroom product please let us know. "@context": "https://schema.org", } The duvet itself is a blanket, but the duvet cover is not designed to be used on its own. They are typically two pieces of fabric sewn together similar to a huge pillow case, with a closure on one end. "@type": "Answer", Duvet covers are generally a little lowered priced than a comparable A timely guide to staying ahead of the pack in productivity, sustainability and rest.