The Irish mother goddess Danu was the ancestor from which all Tuatha Dé Danann claimed descent. I think I’ve got paintings and articles enough to last me a lifetime. Skip to main content. A Slothful Seeking of the Divine by Cynthia Garrity-Bond, Child of the Earth by Elizabeth Cunningham, When Life Hands You Lemons… by John Erickson, Poem: In These United States- The Court Supreme By Marie Cartier, FAR Project Intern Applications Due Sept. 15, 2019, St. Brigid to Brigid of Danu By Anne Fricke, Did You Know…? Being the Goddess/Faery Queen she was, Fand fell in love not with any common man but with Cuchulainn, the greatest Irish hero. Wright, Gregory. Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month by Grace Yia-Hei Kao, 100 Years After Women’s Right to Vote, Our Feminist Struggle Continues by Gina Messina, Netflix Pandemic Show binge-a-thon by Anjeanette LeBoeuf. She was also represented as being the goddess of rivers and water and those who worked amongst the various bodies of water, such as fishermen and sailors. Fish are considered a symbol for the goddess due to her association with water. And so much information has been lost. Many scholars have theorized that Danu was a great river goddess. Danu has been connected to a number of important Celtic deities both within and outside of Ireland. This theory has been challenged as scholars continue to debate the potential migration patterns of Celtic people and their culture; nevertheless, it remains quite popular. Accessed March 11, 2019. They fought many battles trying to claim their land but ultimately were driven underground by the Milesians. In Celtic mythology, she is the mother of the gods, who birthed all things into being. “Danu.” Mythopedia. While her husband remains unknown, the matter is largely irrelevant. Her connection to the earth also tied her to the fairies, fairy mounds, and the many standing stones and dolmens of Ireland. With time She became the most loved of Ireland’s fairy queens, called “Queen of the Fairies. Retrieved from There are so many, you could write, well, 10,000 blogs about them. Today the Tuatha de Dannan are honored by many Pagans and Wiccans. She was the matron and goddess of the Tribes of Danu, or Tuatha de Danann, who were later to become the fairies and leprechauns of Ireland. Mare Martell from Tennessee on March 15, 2011: I am fascinated by the Goddesses. Irish tradition holds that Danu was the tribe's ancestor of note, rather than any husband or father she might have had. Danu is my favorite goddess and I love anything to do with the Fae. Orcadian folklore had a strong Scandinavian influence, and it may be that the nuckelavee is a composite of a water horse from Celtic mythology and a creature imported by the Norsemen. Outside of Annan, Danu has no clear connection to any other goddess (unless Danu is a title).