You can generate additional revenue with a flexible time package. Outros significados e conceitos que podem interessar, © Imagine how impressed your guests will be! Your checkout date would remain at the same time as it always was (11am). No one really likes the look of a hotel with a bunch of people milling around the front desk or entrance. Integration is also vital to ensure data is recorded properly and accurately. When it comes to the check-in process, guests will jump on anything that makes it easier on them. You can pull up this data at the time of check-in to reference the choices that your guests have made for their stay. Specify your property’s check in and check out times, Enable guests to alert you to their check in time, See your check ins and check outs for the day, Process check out payments and print/email invoices, Send pre-check in and post-check out emails, An online booking engine – to take commission-free reservations on your website and social media pages, A website builder – to create a beautiful, functional website that converts ‘lookers’ into ‘bookers’, A payments solution – to process deposits, payments and refunds quickly and easily, The check-in process has a long history and routine, shaping guest expectations, Guest expectations are changing however, and they are demanding better service, Flexible check-in is becoming a priority for travellers, Online check-in is extremely convenient for both hotel and guest, Remote check-in can also create extra sources of revenue, Twenty-four hour check-in could be used to increase marketing and direct bookings, Mobile check-in is a great way to streamline property operations and the guest experience, Self check-in is something travellers are looking for more and more, and offers advantages to your property, Every hotel has its own check-in policy, and you should create one that will suit your guests, Check-in software can come in a few forms but you should be looking for a PMS that includes check-in capabilities, Using technology for check-in allows you to present a number of offers to guests during the process. You could make your loyalty program more enticing by listing remote check-in as a reward for signing up, giving travellers the real incentive of gaining something they know other guests aren’t receiving. Something that may help in all respects is installing check-in kiosks; multiple terminals where guests can self check-in without joining a line to the front desk. Ex: Tive que pagar mais 100 reais porque fiz o checkout duas horas mais tarde do que estava previsto. Having a flexible check-in and check-out policy is something you should seriously consider, since it will instantly improve guest experience. The Hoxton’s Flexy Time, which started last November, allows guests at the brand’s nine hotels across Europe and the United States (there is a 10th planned for Rome) to do exactly what Ms. Brecher did: state when they will arrive and depart. Mobile bookings have been a regular occurrence for many years now, and they continue to grow, so it makes sense to also allow guests to check-in and check-out via their smart device too. Anonymous. It’s important your property management system and self check-in devices or apps are able to communicate. Whereas The Hoxton and both Asbury Park hotels offer flexible check-in for free, Standard Hotels charges 5 to 10 percent of the room rate for Standard Time, which began in 2016.