Symbolizes new beginnings, robust health, beauty, and longevity. Flowers and Gifts to Russia, Eastern Europe and International flower delivery, November Birth Flower – The Chrysanthemum. Vision Times. Wisteria symbolizes playfulness and adventure. However, one may use them as a symbol of simplicity, beauty, and grace. The apple has long been associated with the symbolism of immortality. When you are looking into the symbolic meaning of a flower, then there are many things that you have to consider. Known as the queen of flowers, it represents femininity and reproduction. To make a gift special for your recipient in China, it’s important to be familiar with local floral symbolism. Frequently shown with the Imperial Crane. Elegant bamboo plants displayed in stylish vases are often used as decor in Chinese homes and offices for attracting good fortune. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-source'); – A symbol of fertility, orchids will are a great gift for an expecting mother or newlyweds as a hope for a new addition to the family. Beautiful spring blooms, azaleas have been a long-standing symbol of dedication in China for thousands of years. The Chinese flower of chrysanthemum means personal dignity and the action of prioritizing good morals to other interests such as political or economic interest. try { Copyright © 2002-2018 Company offers flower bouquets, plants & flower arrangements, fruit & gourmet baskets, spa gifts, jewelry, variety of romantic and corporate gifts for delivery in Russia & over 170 countries Internationally. In this part of the world, there are so many flowers that have symbolic significance to the Chinese. It is one of the flowers that means a lot to people that are seeking spiritual enlightenment like the Buddhist. The Chinese think of the flowers that are blooming as signs of divine and radiant energy. In most cases, every flower, plant, or fruit depicted in a work of art will have some meaning as determined by the traditional symbolism attached to it. It occurs annually in Luoyang in mid-Spring. Apple trees symbolize magic, youth, beauty and happiness. Nguyen, C., Baskaran, K., Pupulin, A., Ruvinov, I., Zaitoon, O., Grewal, S., Scaria, B., Mehaidli, A., Vegh, C., & Pandey, S. (2019). Many Chinese people care about symbolism, and giving the wrong flower either to a new acquaintance or close friend might cause some awkwardness in relationships. ga('send', 'pageview'); – We are too! As the situation in Hong Kong suddenly took a turn for the worse, the U.S. State Department acted to give Hong Kong citizens refugee... Students from Oxford who have enrolled in courses related to China have been asked to submit their work anonymously. Just like the plum blossom’s pretty blooms and delicate smell come from bitterness and cold, one’s own strength comes from experience and character is tempered through hardship. They are often used for offerings at altars… [and] are also a favored gift for the elderly as they represent a strong life force,” according to Flower Meaning. When given as a gift to China, bamboo heralds good luck and success. Amazon y el logo de Amazon son marcas de, Inc. o sus afiliados. A red apricot represents a woman having an affair. Will bring confidence, happiness, determination, stability and luck to situations. It symbolizes straightness, firmness and modesty as it remains straight and of the same color all year round. The citron flower is white, pink, or a mix of both in color. _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); Symbols Dictionary: Flowers and Plants; Symbolism of Plants, Trees, and Herbs window._fbq = window._fbq || []; _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); They are also associated with fortune and wealth. })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); The pure white lotus blossoms that grow unsullied from dirty swamps are an important symbol of purity and honor in Chinese culture. Symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth. (Image: via pixabay / CC0 1.0). Some say that you can even get lost in your thoughts by just staring at the beauty that it beholds. Its symbolism arises from the fact that the cabbage’s core is white and pure and as such represents a person’s true nature. Red represents hope, rest, wonderful friendship and love. There are four colors, which are pink, blue, red, and white. There are many important flower gift giving traditions in China. Some believe that the petal of the citron is looking like something that has taken a meditative pose. Knowing the symbolic meaning of a plant enables you to understand the hidden message. Chinese culture has a wide range of typical and significant flowers, which we should know when reading Chinese poems or novels. The apple has long been associated with the symbolism of immortality. Chrysanthemums are a symbol of peaceful retirement and joy. It is hard to explain why they do certain things if you don’t know the meanings and the traditions. To truly impress your recipient, send a bouquet of red peonies. More so, you will get to explore your energies to help cultivate the flower to blossom. Represent the loyalty and faith between lovers. If you have someone in your life that is always the hero to your story and want to appreciate them, then the Hydrangea is the flower. If your friend or family member is going through tough time at work, experiencing a personal crises or simply needs some support, plum blossoms make a wonderful gift that will help them find inner strength and motivation. Exhibitions for celebrating this enchanting flower are held. The lotus is one of the flowers that tend to grow in marshy areas. APPLE BLOSSOM. Common Chinese Flower Symbolism. Chinese Flower Color Symbolism. Fascinating stuff. Encourages action, motion, courage and passion. We also have a special talent for China stories — read About Us to find out why. That is why they mean virtue and purity, the permanence of ideals in the face of life’s difficulties. Plant diversity, 40(4), 196–208. In fact, Buddha is usually depicted sitting on an open lotus flower. As such, a lotus symbolizes the transformation of something from a lowly, impure realm to higher levels. Because the flower rises from the mud and blooms in exquisite beauty it symbolizes perfection and purity of both the heart and mind. Chinese plum blossoms are one of the most representative flowers of China. Every flower, branch and leave is counted to ensure irregularity (especially in displays); an odd number is preferable since it is meant to convey the dynamic irregularity of the life force itself. The history of planting and using bamboo in China can be traced back thousands of years. In this part of the world, there are so many flowers that have symbolic significance to the Chinese. This is because the general sense of flowers is positive and seek to gift rather than take. Also, Buddhists think that this flower has the best meaning of life and nature. Later, ladies at court started using its flowers for decoration, and it became popular in gardens. It celebrates vitality, revival and hardiness. There are many important flower gift giving traditions in China. The results of the US 2020 election on November 3 are still pending. Symbolizes creativity, life, longevity and immortality. In 400 AD Buddhist monks were responsible for bringing chrysanthemum to Japan. “Apricots and the closely related almond represent female elegance, perhaps because the large seed is ovoid shaped like the eyes of an Oriental beauty. A famous Chinese philosopher, Confucius, noted the orchids’ scent is like virtuous people who go unnoticed unless one goes near them. })(); A white chrysanthemum symbolizes abundance, wealth, cheerfulness, loyalty, innocence, optimism, truth and that your love is pure you shall remain loyal. Therefore, in China, this flower is the symbol of purity and what one can refer to as perfection. They are also thought to attract good luck to the home and represent a life of ease. The symbolism of the lotus is linked with Buddhism. } catch(e) {}, SunSigns.Net ga('create', 'UA-50276118-1', ''); Therefore, you are also ready to share such with other people in your life. However, most people tend to view them as their symbolism to mean the circle of life. Chinese Flower Symbolism: Symbolic Significance of the Common Blossoms. This flower is also strongly linked to Buddhism. Occurrence of Functional Molecules in the Flowers of Tea (Camellia sinensis) Plants: Evidence for a Second Resource. Their special symbolism penetrated into people’s lives and cannot be underestimated. As such, they’re very popular for romantic occasions. These Chinese flowers symbolize prosperity, happiness and good fortune. A BBB Accredited business since 2009, the company now has an honorable A+ rank. The plum blossom has been an important symbol in Chinese culture for over two thousand years. Chinese flowers are one of the most significant in the world. Jiao, Y., Fan, Y. F., Wang, Y. L., Zhang, J. Y., Chen, S., & Chen, Z. W. (2015). Here are some of them and their symbolism. Your email address will not be published. Called "Purple Vine" in China. Started in the early 80s, The Kaifeng Chrysanthemum festival lasts for the whole month of October. June 5, 2019, 12:48 pm. Echoing this thought, many Chinese artists used orchids as the symbol of virtue in their art. It is not given to other people because of its widespread use in Chinese funerals. Also, it the symbol of exotic brilliance and beauty, abundance, perfection, and growth. Native to China, Chrysanthemums are one of the most common and beloved flowers in Chinese culture. One lotus meant 1,000, while a bush with two lotus flowers meant 2,000. It is supposed to bring life and vitality. One of the most famous pieces of jade sculpture is the “Jadeite Cabbage,” which is essentially a piece of jadeite carved into the shape of a cabbage with insects. Its beauty has managed to create an impact which will remain forever. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-source'); The lotus bloomed revealing the sun-god Atum. The Chrysanthemum flower is one of the best gifts that you may give to some you care about as per the culture of the Chinese. And it is because these flowers bloom at the end of winter, when there is still snow. Its deep roots imply determination. Cultivars from Central China. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { This flower usually has five petals. It is traditionally associated with good fortune.