With social media continuing to be the way in which we talk to each other and younger generations entering Washington, there’s a good chance that some of these rules will be made a little more transparent or at least updated. [subpost] => Thanks Ethics Rules. When slightly different variations of the same word(s) appeared, researchers collapsed them into their most common form. 1. Learn how your comment data is processed. Keeping those staffers on the payroll allows them to easily stay in line on the ethics regulations. [post_parent__in] => Array A few members of Congress did not have a handle listed on their website. For instance, 96% of all Democrats – but just 13% of Republicans – have used the phrase “equal pay” on social media in the last five years. POLITICO Playbook founder Mike Allen trails closely behind Pergram, ranking 10th overall with 297 followers in Congress, followed by Chuck Todd at 292 followers, Jake Tapper at 243 followers, and Dana Bash at 211 followers. After identifying the accounts, researchers used the Facebook Graph API, the Twitter API and CrowdTangle (a public insights tool owned by Facebook) to download the posts. draws: “The Senate’s Internet Services and Technology Resources Usage Rules prohibit any linkage from a Member’s official website or social media to any campaign website or social media.”. ( Because Democrats post more content on these platforms and have a larger number of high-follower accounts,4 the bulk of all audience engagement with lawmakers on social media goes to Democrats as a collective. That phrase is one of the most distinctively Democratic phrases among members of Congress on social media. In those cases, a verified Twitter account was found. The Congressional Research Service notes that “all records generated by a Member of Congress in the course of his or her service in the House or Senate are the personal property of the Member.”. Quorum Analytics is not affiliated with, licensed, endorsed, or sponsored by Leidos Innovations Technology or its affiliates. ( [post__not_in] => Array In some instances, the first five months of 2016 and 2020 are used as a comparison, given their similarity as presidential election years. ) ( Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy ranks right below Speaker Ryan at 15th, while Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi ranks 31st overall. On July 12, 2018, Twitter purged locked accounts—those disabled due to suspicious activity—from follower-count tallies. #myfirstTweet #retweetthis #followme, — Rep. Dan Crenshaw (@RepDanCrenshaw) January 4, 2019, Of course, for Crenshaw, the burden of multiple accounts is hardly as taxing as it is for AOC. ) [meta_key] => ( Mentions of political opponents and hot-button issues are tied to spikes in audience reaction for Democrats and Republicans alike. By and large, the terms with high levels of audience engagement among Democrats and Republicans are unique to members of that party. [post_content] =>   ( In addition, the spreadsheets I have assembled can be used for other purposes by anyone with even rudimentary skills with Excel or Google Sheets by adding columns for other data. @collinpeterson This is the official Twitter account for Peterson For Congress, the campaign to reelect Congressman Collin C. Peterson for the 7th District of Minnesota. The resulting dataset contains nearly 1.5 million Facebook posts from 1,388 congressional Facebook accounts and over 3.3 million tweets from 1,362 congressional Twitter accounts. [preview] => If a Capitol Hill figure gets caught in a scandal, reporters linger on the accounts, waiting for the inevitable statement. Accordingly, the Twitter engagement statistics in this report include original tweets produced by the legislators themselves, as well as “quoted tweets” in which a legislator retweets another user’s post while adding their own commentary (these posts are treated as original tweets by the Twitter API). [name] => the-top-twitter-accounts-followed-by-members-of-congress Cowboy lawyer for Trump roasted for looking like a child, Bush, McCain’s ‘graceful’ concession speeches resurface as Biden nears victory, Eric Trump’s premature Pennsylvania tweet has come back to haunt him, Pop Crave sets the internet ablaze by calling the race for Biden, Back in 2013, Twitter announced that every single lawmaker in the United States Senate was using their platform.