His problem is that he's just underwhelming for his lore and poster boy-ness. You can probably see why it sucks. Instead, it’s a brilliant use of foes with complimenting styles that will challenge you without making you wish the fight was just over with. But also kinda fun. Nevertheless, you can’t talk about the greatest bosses in these games without including the Demon’s Souls boss that made nearly every single player regret their purchase at least somewhat. All of this makes for a confusing fight that easily overwhelms players who are trying to adjust to a battle that none other has quite prepared them for. All her attacks can be dodged and the melee can be blocked. While I can’t blame Dark Souls II for trying to capitalize on what made the Ornstein and Smough fight so memorable (more on that much later), the game’s fascination with multiple bosses began to get tiring and made them all seem to run together. Unfortunately, this fight is undone by the way these guys are cheesed into an easy battle, removing much of the drama from the encounter. Keep the jolly cooperation going on the private server! He looks like a ruined pope, and his appearance betrays his true nature as a despot. Regardless, it’s a clever boss battle. The fight consists of you taking all of them down, while the enormous Tower Knight down below fires his magic at you. On top of that, Lothric  uses this opportunity to fire magic at you. For those of you wondering, this is the original Bell Gargoyles, and plays out much the same way. The battle against Champion’s Gravetender & Gravetender Greatwolf is fairly easy, especially when you measure it against other DLC boss fights in the series. He’s a pretty well-designed giant skeleton, but he’s a giant skeleton nonetheless. His combos follow no easy-to-learn pattern and there’s almost no way to “cheese” him. Now they rule over the ruins of a formerly great kingdom and have taken a ghostly form that barely resembles their former selves. Adjudicator: What a weird boss. The balance of the fight’s difficulty is pretty good, and the way she is revealed from underneath the sand is neat, but the design of the two bosses is far too similar to not compare them. A community for the video game Demon's Souls. Dark Souls most of the bosses was pretty easy to me and not so great. As the tutorial boss in Demon’s Souls, Vanguard is there to teach players a very valuable lesson that they will carry with them throughout the rest of the franchise. When you first approach Elana, she is standing quietly at an altar with her back to you. The giant wolf clenches his fallen masters weapon in his jaws, using it to ward off any who would defile the site. The challenge here has more to do with tedium than any mechanical mastery. True joy comes from beating these painful reminders of just how much Demon’s Souls hates you. His second stage is more difficult than the first, and this incredibly tense monster fight turns into a swordfight with a great warrior. This is a fascinating twist on the on the Metroidvania style of gameplay. They have phases and their fight ramps up increasingly to an all-out battle with a single warrior. 25 Best Japanese Games Not Available in the U.S. Nintendo Holiday Gift Guide: Best Consoles and Games to Buy, How Darth Maul Would Have Completely Changed the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, The Outsider is Better as a One-Season Wonder, Jacob’s Ladder: How LSD, Tibetan Buddhism and Tim Robbins Combined to Create a Cult Classic. You know what's best about him? (Also, playing as the boss is fun as hell). Oceiros was once the king of Loric, but he went mad researching the uses of royal blood (which is a fascinating allusion to Bloodborne). Because it’s true. In other words, he’s everything a Souls boss should be. There the researchers experimented on and tortured the citizens for their arcane knowledge and these events left Maria disgusted with the other hunters and those leading the mission. Who She Is: Lady Maria was one of the original beast hunters who was left scarred after spearheading an expedition at a fishing hamlet. When players enter Oolacile, they are in the past, and it had been assumed that Artorias defeated Manus and stemmed The Abyss. Blue Dragon (Demons’ Souls) Blue Dragon is a perfect example of style over substance in a boss fight. 17. A great boss fight tests your skills without feeling cheap. However, the studio is shaking up its formula; read our feature on why Sekiro isn't a Souls game. There’s actually a lot to love about Flexile Sentry. Why They Are Great: Ornstein and Smough are the chocolate and peanut butter of Dark Souls bosses and the best two boss fight in the series. The fight becomes 10x more badass when you find the Storm Ruler, and then you're left to duke it out with a hundred foot long Ray with a badass sword that can fire wind-like airstrikes at the boss. Overall, this, in my opinion, makes up the best part of Demon's Souls, and is personally now one of my favourite fights. The maiden herself can be killed in a few hits. This is certainly a case of a multiple boss fight done right. His attack would kill me in two hits and also he would regenerate so much health that made me go crazy over him and he punished me there. AbsoluteZ3R0. This fight has a decent set-up and that perfect level of difficulty that forces you to be at your best without making you feel like you’ve been cheated. It’s a position made all the more difficult by the fact that all first bosses will have to be compared to Asylum Demon. It always feels necessary to get that out of the way before praising a Souls boss, given that the easier boss fights tend to hold a less than favorable position among many. A deformed potato. Dark Souls II may have had a few too many boss fights, but they certainly started things off right with this encounter. Being forced to take down both Magus and his zombie congregation should be an incredibly tall task, but the minions prove to be easily removed with a few wide attacks, and Magus himself is a fairly weak sorcerer that doesn’t require much more. A writhing mass of mismanaged limbs that sprout from his body adorn the horse-like abomination, and many extremities are of either hand or hoof. The challenge here is to discover how to defeat these fast moving enemies in such a tiny space while they are attacking you with uncommon ferocity. It exceeds them triumphantly. Aside from the lingering darkness that surrounds the Colossus (imagine the Balrog in Fellowship of the Ring), this is a perfectly average fight in a game filled with otherwise pretty creative bosses. While later Souls bosses would do a better job in the valuable first boss role, Vanguard was a tremendous introduction to the nature of Demon’s Souls and eventually the franchise at large. REALLY? The master of death looks the part of a Dark Souls boss with his giant hair coat covered with bones, and he lives up to the expectations we have for the battle itself by infuriating players with his ability to summon an army of skeletons at will. He’s theoretically interesting, his arena is fantastically designed, and Slave Knight’s animation is some of the best of any Souls boss. Scorpioness Najka is essentially a re-imagining of the Dark Souls fight with Chaos Witch Quelaag but offers substantially less than that encounter did. 18. Still, in terms of what is asked of the player, this is as good as final bosses get. Why They Are Great: The two princes are a boss (they act as one being with two health bars) that give many veteran players trouble, with their constant teleporting, multi-phase nature, and high-damage weapons. In fact, you’re going to see a few of them higher on this list. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is “A giant spider.” This is pretty much your typical giant spider encounter made slightly more disheartening by how easy it is to avoid most of Freja’s larger attacks. Asylum Demon asks a lot out of Dark Souls players early on. What was never denied was his prowess as a warrior, which will be made abundantly clear as you try to tangle with this expert of sword and shield. He fights alot like Gwyn, but has his own very nicely done mechanics, like a Soul Steal Grab, which decreases your SL by 1 every time he does it. Lazy. What is the final boss of the area?