I have a ton of food issues so really hard to find recipes these days. You can also drizzle some hot fudge on top for double the chocolate flavor. I sometimes will add lemon or orange zest or vanilla beans to the dough for some extra flavor. Most of the time, I handle the recipe development for this site. Can I use only coconut flour to substitute for all purpose? Would slightly less than a tbsp of coconut flour work then, or not really? I also didn’t feel as guilty because of the maple syrup instead of the sugar Thank you for the recipe! It's filled with chocolate chips, graham crackers, vanilla extract and marshmallows. I’m a raisin fan (am I the last one out there? It can contain salmonella. I don’t worry about it too much, but a lot of readers get very concerned so I want to be sure people are aware! Oatmeal cookie dough balls. https://www.wideopeneats.com/12-edible-cookie-dough-recipes But ultimately, you’re there for the dough. You can read my post on how to make edible cookie dough for a full breakdown on what makes this edible cookie dough safe to eat. If you have an extra 10 minutes, toast the oats before using them. Healthy edible cookie dough. And you’re not sharing – we’re talking edible cookie dough for one. Did you know that some grocery stores even sell tubs of cookie dough that you can purchase when you're having a craving? This cookie dough bark is fun for kids and adults and you can use any type of sprinkles you'd like. please add lily’s sugar free chocolate chips! Your email address will not be published. Please be aware that you should heat the flour in the oven. The only thing is that the coconut oil will harden the entire thing (you’ll even see white all around the edges if you store it in a clear container) so you must microwave it for ~10 seconds to enjoy , Question can you use butter in place of coconut oil. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! These cookie dough bites taste just like the center of a fresh-baked  oatmeal cookie:  chewy, spicy with cinnamon and allspice, and full of oats. Healthy edible cookie dough….for breakfast. For an extra sweet touch, a little brown sugar is sprinkled over each truffle. It's like a take one of those fancy cheese balls that you would serve as an appetizer with some wine at a party or during the holidays. If you enjoy swiping a taste or two of any leftover brownie batter from your large bowl, you'll have to try this egg-free cookie dough recipe. I love edible cookie dough so much, and love trying out recipes! Sugar cookies are great. I’m not sure what others are complaining about but as someone who is vegan, this tastes like the vegan cookie dough I always buy! For a shortcut, you can use a bag of premade sugar cookie mix and follow the instructions, substituting one tablespoon of milk for the egg. My house is pretty cold in this polar vortex, so after some good ol’ stirring it was perfect for me. If it still tastes bland try adding a pinch more salt and chocolate chips. Tried 1 Tbsp applesauce after heating, not as favorable. They're fun to eat and the perfect bite sized treat. Why not add in a step to toast the flour? I had to use fake syrup unfortunately. Hello, So… You sneak a little bit. You’ll need to skip the eggs and heat your flour to remove any bacteria. I take full credit for that idea, thank you much. Maybe heating the flour in the oven for a period of time would kill any dangerous pathogens. I did add a little more salt too. This is the best vegan cookie dough recipe and has been made and loved over 600,000 times. Might try again with honey instead of syrup.. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy this recipe. If you make this recipe, be sure to rate it, leave a comment, or tag #theliveinkitchen on Instagram! Allow to cool completely before using in this recipe. I am informed on the topic but am honestly not concerned about eating raw flour, but if others are they are welcome to that opinion and to handle their food accordingly. Scoop into 8 balls, rolling them in your hands, and serve. However, I do know to refrain myself from eating too much because there are some risks like food borne illnesses and salmonella when consuming raw eggs. Continue beating until a dough forms. It took no time at all and satisfied my sweet tooth! Required fields are marked *. Let’s cut through the drama. Raw flour has been linked to ecoli. BEST THING EVER!!!! So, if you’re looking for a safe, fun, easy and most importantly, delicious snack or dessert for kids and adults of all ages, this Oatmeal Raisin Edible Cookie Dough recipe is for you.