Alice Coote / Christian Blackshaw @ Wigmore Hall, London. When El Ten Eleven explore later life, it’s considerably more pleasant. Well, imagine rock music as one knows it, pour acetone over its visage and then replace its atomic structure with a Play-Doh model of it. Album Rating: 3.5Ya thanks, I wasn't sure if this was a part of the random album game or not, I was hesitant to submit this review. “Shimmer” bolsters with an accomplished kind of contentment, exemplifying the upbeat and cheery facet of the band’s musical ordnance as the stripped-down melody correlatively interplays with feedback permutations. It opens rather inversely with a ten-minute opener, “Entropy,” which is an apt self-description. Not exactly head-down, hardcore scree, it’s more considered and grown up that that. Since May, LA duo El Ten Eleven have been releasing a steady stream of albums under the Tautology name. “El Ten Eleven Es Numero Uno” Written by Jason Reed October 10, 2017 The always impressive El Ten Eleven put on a great show this Sunday at SLO Brew in San Luis Obispo, CA. Over the course of the three albums, the duo’s intention has been to commit to music the experience of growing older. El Ten Eleven’s teen years were, on this evidence, spent listening to a lot of post-hardcore. It’s this sound that typifies the first part of Tautology. It attenuates ever lower. What has almost always lingered with these pairs is the tendency of many journalists to criticize with a lighter heart and be more likely to be astonished by their talents, a lot … “Besotted” is more electronically-intensive, a tinny aluminum object seems to be stretched and transfigured in upward and downward motions, all possible behind the vast and obscure panel of effects. Album Rating: 3.0Good album. They are calm, wondrous and meditative, and far nicer reflections on later life that might have been expected. It arduously gropes for humanity but gets lost in its own maelstrom of effects pedals, feedback and deprivation of voice, surrendering itself to more use of its familiar anemic composition. I have Every Direction Is North and gave it to someone (Lewis, I think) for the random album game. (Photo by Mark Caicedo) El Ten Eleven stopped in at Union Stage on a recent chilly night to perform their high-energy, post-rock/ambient melodies for an adoring, sold-out crowd. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for El Ten Eleven - El Ten Eleven on AllMusic - 2004 - An instrumental duo consisting of a bassist and a… Tautology II has a comparatively more impromptu feel to it than the others. The duo of Kristian Dunn (guitar/bass) and Tim Fogarty (drums) have been together for 17 years and have released eight albums in that time, but none of them has been as ambitious in scope as Tautology. Great work with the review, as per usual. Although the instrumentation is succinct and properly-executed, it doesn’t sound man-made. Part I starts out exploring the teenage years and, as might be expected, it’s during this phase of the album the El Ten Eleven are at their most taut and angry. Down to a level below wakefulness, drifting in and out of the hypnagogic state, it effects a sort of pseudo-senility like two of the song titles suggest–“Caducity” and “Senescent.” It’s incredible how accurately they molded the sound to fit the title in “Caducity,” it’s extremely sad and has the ability to touch people even through its rudimentary production. There’re no discrete emotional responses allowed; one’s psyche goes frenetic in trying to tether onto just some kind of emotion. Logan Blake November 7th, 2020 - 9:00 AM.