I hate looking at all those embellished shirts everywhere and thinking that it can't be that hard! I just wanted to say that I freaking love your blog. Set your machine to a long stitch length - anywhere from 3 to 4.
Any tips? And as long as you have your fabric pinned down, it will stay pretty well before you have to sew it in place. Do you use one? My daughter's love their twirly skirts. This is great!! And the one on the right has a small stitch length. Ruffles on dresses and curtains, and fullness in sleeves and skirts -- they all begin with a gathering stitch. And now … this is going to be so easy! It is so good for the soul and the purse! I've learned sooo much! I recently made two knit ruffle scarves for my girls and I was hoping you could help me because the gathering didn't stay in some areas.

I've done lots of gathering over the years and I always have problems at the end when sewing it to another piece. Follow the steps below to set your machine up for gathering stitches 1. You rock! Jamee – Sorry, I don't think we have the same machine.

Or to the left of it? Does anyone know what kind of Coin this is? This gives a bit of an easier stitch to "pull". Keep up the great work. What hobby have you picked up or done more of due to covid/ 2020? I love to sew, but heck if I ever do it the easy way! You’ll see how the two rows of stitches hold everything in place. NOTE: In our example below, we’re using a plain fabric with brightly colored thread so you can see the technique. Then, you’re ready to stitch the bodice to the skirt. But is more narrow and less noticeable than a regular zig-zag stitch. I sew love your blog! Thanks for the tips, I wondered which stitch would be best for knits, so I'll give this a go!

a spoonful? And leave each of your thread ends a few inches long. I prewashed and it shrunk quit a bit for my taste…but when i sewed the cushion after cutting the pattern out, it seemed a little big.

Really appreciate you sharing the basics as sometimes even beginners' books start pretty far on. Loving your blog! Thanks a ton for the great tip!! Zigzag over the top. Redistribute the gathers if needed, or to get them the way you want. Like, it just stopped pulling the fabric in. Now, looking at that basting stitch, you’ll see that there is the top thread and a bottom one at each end of your stitch. I've tried that zigzag before but it ate at my knit fabric, now I know I need to lengthen my stitches. Make sure you have long tails on the thread in the machine.

Thank you so much! Especially helpful if one of the strings breaks. K, well I'm just going to join the overwhelming number of commenters who've thanked you for making this Sewing Tips section. Then either use immediately, or sew across both ends of the gathered area so the gathers will stay in place even if pulled on, etc. In fact, I have awarded you a Sunshine Award here: https://www.spendlessandsavemore.net/2010/03/i-just-got-sunshine-award.html. Your email address will not be published.

You're a life-saver. Thanks so much! I have been wondering how to gather for forever! But if it is gaping….. Just pull gently on the thread (the one that was on the top, but now is on the bottom because you flipped your fabric over) and slide the gathers along until they are even. Remember how I explained at the bottom of the post that I asked my mom about sewing with knits and she mentioned that crooked little zig-zag stitch.

How do you think about the answers? Thanks for the tips, who would of thought gathering was so easy?! Amazing out fit just love the dress ,head band and the shoes wanting to make this beautiful outfit for my granddaughter who will be christening in April 2015 thank you for the pattern for the dress and the head band I would love to make the shoes to match but their is no pattern for the shoes could you please send the pattern for shoes Thank you kindly Linda. When you have stitched all the way around, pull out all the pins, then remove both sets of gathering stitches.

I love how clothing looks when it does this, but I could never figure out how to do it. Your email address will not be published. When you sew it down, should I try to sew directly on the gathering stitch, underneath it, above it???

Get your answers by asking now.

Still have questions? Sew a few stitches in the end, and then hold the fabric/elastic behind the needle with your left hand and stretch the fabric/elastic until the fabric is straight.

Can anyone tell me what pattern this crochet is? Ashley! Now, start pulling your bobbin threads. Very handy. Keep up the good work – I love your site! I mean I can, but…it doesn’t always turn out very well. I have been sewing for a very long time and the gathering tutorial is good but if you make two rows of the long basting stitch, one on the seam line and one about an eighth of an inch away in the seam allowance you can control the gathers much better. things like that seem so simple to most people on DIY websites, but to someone like me… who has ZERO seamstress skills, and no one around to show her, your site is absolutely invaluable. Now, if you were to sew right along that basting stitch and flip your fabric right side out, it would look something like this. This is my preferred ruffling technique! What does "clip valleys, notch mountains" mean and why do you trim the seam allowances?

https://www.seasonedhomemaker.com/how-to-gather-fa... Agree with the answer about just using a *long* stitch, perhaps the longest (straight) stitch on your machine. I can’t sew with knit. It's hard to explain but so easy to show you.

What fun to read your page (which I unfortunately discovered just now… but I will be visiting frequently in future). (It will usually have a little picture of a dotted line getting bigger and bigger…..). Sew a straight line 1/4 inch from the fabric edge to be gathered, leaving a 2-inch tail at each end. Fortunately, my 3 year old desn't yet know the difference between a nice gathered skirt and a "hmm, i guess this is good enough for a toddler" stitch. Keep blogging! Powered by WordPress. You then pull the ends of the thread to gather the fabric.

So here is the basic idea of gathering fabric. thanks so much! how about you just give me a smiggen of your talent? I just start really getting into the knits so this was a big help. Do you pull the thread out after you sew it down?? Any tips? I hope that helps a bit more for those who had questions about both techniques. Love your blog. I’ve made a hilariously full net petticoat this way, and a number of tiered tricot slips (the kind little girls wear under a poufy party dress) If your little girl likes gathered ruffles, you will LOVE using a ruffler.! Line up your needle so that you can stitch directly in the center of your two rows of gathering stitches. Is it possible you were reading my mind?! When you’re ready to gather your strip, it slithers smoothly on the fishing line, no broken threads! I have never been really good with crafts, but you just make it so simple to learn and create!
Sewing was something every girl learned in home ech in my day. Grab a hold of the top string and pull as you slide the fabric along the thread, gathering as you go. The stitch on the left has a wide stitch length…..actually up to the max that it will go. Go slow and make sure that your gathers stay even and then your raw edges stay aligned. The more pins that you use, the more even your gathers will stay when you sew the pieces together. I HATE sewing on knits.

Thank you for explaining everything so throughly and WITH PICTURES! I would suggest pulling your top thread (not the bobbin thread to the front long enough to go the entire length of your piece plus a few inches.

I, too, am (slowly) teaching myself to sew. Press your gathers and shoot them with some steam while you’re working. Thanks for the tips! Zigzags the entire length . We made our straight quilting cotto… Hi, My mother in law taught that about 65 years ago and it is great.

So play around with it and see what works for you. That tiny little zig zag that you show is more commonly known as the “Lightning Stitch” To better distinguish it from the regular zig zag stitch and stretch zig zag stitches on most newer sewing machines it’s called that because it looks like a lightning bolt to most people. i’m starting to make clothes for our kids and this helped a lot for girls skirts. I tried to adjust the material down the thread, but it just wasn’t working. Keep the tips coming! I just focused them around the front of the shoulders – loving it so far!). I've also taken a needle and thread and made giant hand stitches around the edge of the fabric. Oh my goodness, I just picked up sewing again (been like 15 years) and I’m gathering a ruffle on my little girls first dress.

I've been totally inspired by all you bloggers!) Find your nearest JoAnn fabric store, where they will arrange classes for you.