14:26, 33; 1 Pet. OBS respects your privacy and is compliant with the European Union GDPR regulation. 5:18; Gal. Our newsletter is a short email sent to notify subscribers about new information that has been posted to the OBS site. 1234. diagogguzo -- to murmur among themselves ... 1234 (an onomatopoetic term imitating the sound of cooing doves and humming bees) -- constantly, intensely (grumble, complain) -- an intensified form of 1111 ... //strongsnumbers.com/greek2/1234.htm - 7k, 3885b. ... God sent them manna, which they gathered every day except the Sabbath; but with all God's care and kindness the Israelites continued to grumble whenever any ... /.../anonymous/mother stories from the old testament/moses striking the rock.htm, Jesus at the Well. The biggest problems are the people who want everything and think the world is unfair in that they can’t have it. Two Minutes with the Bible lets you start your day with short but powerful Bible study articles from the Berean Bible Society. 5:3)? However, He controlled the conversation and the setting.]. “Grumble” is to mutter (indistinct or low-voiced) self-centered discontent.

ga('create', 'UA-101223037-1', 'auto'); i.) To complain is to express dissatisfaction about something.
Let’s take a look at some Bible passages and see what it says about complaining. This was not an isolated incident, they grumbled and murmured throughout their entire adventure. He started answering complaints.” And Pastor Beehler was right. Sometimes our ‘verify’ email is rejected as ‘spam’ and is sent back to us as undeliverable. The Outlaw Bible Student web site is secured with SSL-encrypted connections.

There is plenty of complaining, murmuring, and whining in the New Testament, too. In this case, the offending customer with too many items was directed to that line by a supervisor, after another cashier fell ill and was taken off the register in the adjacent check out lane. PLEASE HELP us spread Bible truth by telling others about this website.
A Word to Preachers. It is extremely dangerous to murmur. 20:1-13). "What? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Here is the Webster definition- half-suppressed or muttered complaint.In the world today there are many ungodly murmurers. Your shopping cart is empty “Then all the congregation raised a loud cry, and the people wept that night.

20:13-15), and why? 1 Corinthians 10:10 Neither grumble, as some of them also grumbled, and perished by the destroyer.

Complaining, grumbling, whining, and murmuring has been human traits since the world began, even in the Garden of Eden, when Adam became our first whiner. Let us never be selfish. 6. [ Do Everything Without Grumbling] Therefore, my dear friends, ... With Bible Gateway Plus, you gain instant access to a digital Bible study library, including complete notes from the NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible and the New Bible Commentary. Grumbling complaints directly or indirectly declare that God is not sufficiently good, faithful, loving, wise, powerful, or competent. A few questions about Christmas – and what is it with all that glitter? Can you be a Christian and Not Believe in the Trinity? We'd like to help. 15:22-25   At whom and why did the people grumble? Question: "What does the Bible say about complaining?" 6:43)? All rights reserved worldwide. The unsaved of our day, for example, revel in pointing out: “Oh, you mean that church where they fight like cats and dogs and had to call the police to settle a dispute. For example: We ignore that voice within us that warns us about everything (don’t eat that … it will give you indigestion and sure enough we end up with indigestion, etc.)

.../m/murmur.htm - 15k, Mutter (6 Occurrences)... 1. Criticism is not one of the gifts of the Spirit, but a manifestation of the flesh! (See NIV), Numbers 14:36The men, whom Moses sent to spy out the land, who returned, and made all the congregation to murmur against him, by bringing up an evil report against the land,(See NAS NIV), Numbers 16:11Therefore you and all your company are gathered together against Yahweh: and Aaron, what is he that you murmur against him? Financial support for the operation of this Christian ministry and website is provided entirely by its workers and the free-will gifts of those who wish to see our work continue. It was a bad testimony to the nations around them, that the God who had provided a mighty deliverance for Israel would not also provide for their basic needs. This only serves to cause discord among the brethren.

To growl; to snarl in deep tones; as, a lion grumbling over his prey. ... courtiers that one of his officers, Nicanor by name, was always speaking evil of him, that wherever Nicanor was, there he did nothing but grumble against the ... /.../the village pulpit volume ii trinity to advent/xlviii self-inspection.htm, Moses Striking the Rock.