However, the outward simplicity hides painstaking design work with expensive, luxurious materials. In the new season, the fashion for blue is expected not only in the design of the main premises: the blue-blue palette is perfect for decorating both the living room or kitchen, and the bathroom. In 2021, the bedroom design has to be considered from the point of view of the concept of “aesthetic anti-stress”. The color solution is simple and elegant: all colors are very bright, piercing, clear, without halftones. Calming, clean lines aren’t just reserved for your bedroom: minimalist details are increasingly popular in the kitchen.

LV bed. As this dining-room-meets-office shows, something as simple as adaptable hanging storage can help. The memphis style dominating the interior of this cafe itself implies the absence of a stylus core, a kind of game with the audience and, of course, involves bright accent tones. The open bookcase invites you to the calm atmosphere of the room. The quality of his rest and, as a result, physical and psychological health depends on how comfortable the kid is in his room. Furniture made in Italy is still the height of luxury.

Ancient and oriental details combined with various materials are indispensable properties of the Art Deco style. One of the easiest ways to incorporate more peaceful vibes into your living room is to maximize the natural light. You relax here not only physically, but also mentally by being away from the whole world. The mirror door in the design of the bathroom in the photo creates the illusion of an endless enfilade that goes deep into the interior. furniture and accessories only from natural and non-toxic materials; competent and noticeable separation of the play and work area. Use the following solutions – and add lightness, freshness, and naturalness to the interior: Industrial and rustic styles were the discovery of 2021. Sparking creativity and designed to inspire, abstract art — from statement-making textile wall art to vibrant canvas paintings and literally almost anything in between — is the perfect interior design trend to update your home for 2021. The interior of the bedroom in the photo looks artistically saturated due to the almost complete absence of smooth surfaces.

A custom-made bed, bedside table, or ceiling inserts made of this material will delight even the most discerning connoisseur. All rights reserved. In this connection, furniture that can be transformed is widely used today in the arrangement of the bedroom. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Montreal-area mayor threatened over plan to cull deer in local park, police say. The texture of brickwork and log walls, interior shutters, and stone flooring. Observing the concept of a general style, today it is customary to focus on any element.