These valves are available with both full and reduced bore. TFM is a specially formulated second-generation variant of PTFE. The self-adjustable stem sealing design provide long term operation to reduce the frequency of maintenance and sealing parts replacement. It is known for its low friction, good performance in high temperatures, and chemical resistance. It also provides a double block and bleed feature. Sizes range from 1” to 12” for large flow applications where butterfly valves don’t adequately control. With an in-line replaceable packing and a seat that only requires simple hand tools to replace, the Series V is designed to ensure that the valve lasts for the life of the system with little or no downtime. All Rights Reserved. 1921 - Metal Seating— The sealing surfaces are chromium carbide coated with our special hardening process.

Ball and seats can have special selected surface coatings. 6. This deign is very suitable for the valve with automation, such as pneumatic or electric actuator for high cycle operation. Inherently fire safe due to the design and packing/gasket materials, USA HeadquartersLehigh Valley Industrial Park VI 2801 Baglyos Circle, Bethlehem, PA 18020 USAToll Free: 877-787-2462 [email protected], FranceSavoie Hexapole136, Rue Germain Sommeiller73420 Méry - France, ©

High performance ball valve for long term operation. © 2017 Valve Solutions - Commercial & Industrial Valves and Automation. The bottom entry design option allows very quick and easy exchange of the valve, without removing the actuation. The standard mounting plate for actuators and square or double-D type shafts allow mounting of all VSI or third party actuators to meet any project requirement. 11. An important message from Strahman Valves, Inc. 2. As the valve sealing over it’s wear compensation, the media will leak from windows around the valve neck. This combination makes it suitable for heavy-duty service.

Designers utilizing the Series V are able to create systems with wider swings in flow than traditional control valves while still maintaining the accuracy required by modern building automation packages. It prevents any bending or flexing of the stem and guarantees a long lifetime for the packing. Cryogenic triple-offset valves; Triple-offset valves; Velflex high performance cryogenic butterfly valves Springs (8) are protected from erosion by the seat compression ring. The bottom entry design option allows very quick and easy exchange of the valve, without removing the actuation. For double flanged and NPT installations a full seat replacement can be preformed with the valve in-line by removing an upstream pipe segment or fitting. The soft seat TFM material also enables the valve to close off with class VI rating which means “zero leakage”. TFM offers even better stress recovery than PTFE and has a denser molecular structure. Anti-static Design— The spring maintains a permanent contact between the ball and the stem. To reduce headaches and simplify installation, the Series V segmented control valve is available with either a flangeless wafer style body with NPT threads or an integral double flange body. This flow characterization matches well in coil and temperature control applications, both modern and as retrofit for obsolete or damaged control valves such as globe valves. Bidirectional Upstream Sealing— The two independent, spring-loaded seats prevent line pressure from by-passing the ball. 621 No.9, Chen Kong 2 St., Minhsiung Industrial Park, Chia-Yi, Taiwan, R.O.C. This deign is very suitable for the valve with automation, such as pneumatic or … VOP-1000 one-piece ball valves; VEE-2000 end-entry ball valves; V3P-1000 three-piece ball valves; Torqseal triple-offset butterfly valves. It prevents any accumulation of electric charges on the ball, and therefore any unexpected electric discharge. Multi-Spring Loading— Springs provide flexible and reliable seat loads. 8, 9.

With lay lengths conforming to common industry standards the Series V can be used to easily replace other valves including obsolete linear globe valves. The emission bonnet can be an option for ultra critical condition for safety of human being or environment. The valve has a trunnion-mounted design to handle high pressures.

TFM Ball Valve Seats. Independent and internal tests prove the Series McCannalok valve's superior service life capability, with zero leakage shutoff. VTP-2000 high performance three-piece ball valves. The bottom vent connection allows purging of the inner seat cavity which makes this design double block and bleed. What customers need to figure out are the torque value, dimensions of ISO flange and stem. Available in threaded/wafer (1″ – 2″) or flanged (3″ – 12″) body, Double “D” and keyed stems provide positive connection and reduce lost motion, Spring loaded Teflon V-Ring packing, maintenance free design with ANSI temp.

This initial leakage will help uses to replace a new valve or repair kits in advance. Ball and seats can have special selected surface coatings.

2020 Strahman Valves, Inc.  Powered by CS-Cart - Shopping Cart Software, Please be advised that BALL VALVES are engineered to spec, and therefore, All sales inquiries must be handled through our sales team at. Hastelloy C, Hastelloy C-22, Duplex, Super Duplex, 254 SMO, Alloy 20 (CN7M), Body & end caps quality investment casting, High performance self adjusted stem design for high cycle operation, Automation application (actuator/ limit switch box/ solenoid valve), with locking function & lock nuts (anti-loose nuts), High performance self adjusted stem design, Thread/ SW/ BW/ ISO 1127/ DIN 11850 (DIN EN 10357-A), V-notch ball for 15°/ 30°/ 45°/ 60°/ 90°/ slot, ISO 15848 and TA-Luft Fugitive emission certified, Various seat materials for different conditions, Stem extension or fugitive emission bonnet, Alloy of Hastelloy C, Duplex, Super Duplex, 254 SMO. Packing replacements are a painless affair, with the available packing service kit containing all necessary parts including the packing rings, o-rings, and even the spanner wrench for the packing gland. Floating Seats— Allow expansion in temperature and the purge of the body inner seat cavity. Ball Valves. All Zipson’s high performance valves come with ISO 5211 direct mounting pad. The VSI’s Series V high performance ball valve is ideal for high pressure high flow service where control is a priority. All sales inquiries must be handled through our sales team at [email protected], STANDARD FEATURES FOR SIDE ENTRY & BOTTOM ENTRY DESIGN. The solid substance filled in valve cavity will seize the ball to cause the problem in operation, V-notch ball for 15°/ 30°/ 45°/ 60°/ 90°/ slot, easy to replace for required flow rate. High Performance Butterfly Valves use a disc offset from the seat center, hence the name Double Offset. Anti-Blow Out— The valve stem is securely mounted in the valve, even in case of a packing failure the integral shoulder in the valve body and the shoulder machined on the stem prevents blow-out of the stem. The characterized “V” port type notched ball of the Series V is designed to provide a modified equal percentage flow curve. H500 - 3 Piece; H800 - Compact - 1 Piece; H6800 - High Performance; H500 - 3 Piece - Actuated; H800 - Compact - 1 Piece - Actuated; H6800 - High Performance - Actuated; H700 - 2 Piece; Needle Valves. As the disc starts to rotate, it moves away from the seat instead of across it.

This feature also reduces the torque required to operate the valve.