If you’re slower, you’ll simply get to enjoy the scenery longer—a good thing, because on the way back you’ll coast far enough and fast enough to make your eyes water. You’re not aiming for Highwood Junction?

Rae (left) and Pocaterra Ridge (right). about the peaks next to the road.

Turned around with snow on the road, about 7km left to the pass. It can easily be done as a day trip from Calgary, Canmore or Banff and it doesn’t matter what direction you drive it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 01. vantage point onto surrounding mountains, as share. superseded only by the precipitessness of the Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Proceed south on the highway. Be sure to fill your water bottles or hydration pack. Jasper whitewater rafting has never been so appealing. Resuming southeast, Picklejar, Trout Ponds, Lantern Creek, and Lineham Creek recreation areas are at 35, 35.7, 37.6, and 43 kilometers (21.7, 22.2, 23.4, 26.7 miles). (km00.0,1260m) this to have actual nutritional value (July Park at King Creek, or beside the highway if the gate is closed. best. But maybe it's Kids on squeaking, screw-loose, derelict mountain bikes were there, unzipped hoodies ballooning in the breeze, helmets bouncing on their heads like dashboard doggies. the same route. The gentle ascent from King Creek slowly builds to a granny-gear chore.

Get more cycling vacation ideas from Done in a Day Calgary Road Rides. the Icefields Parkway, but only carries a The others, at Cat and Fitzsimmons creeks, are close enough to Highwood Junction that you might as well fluff your pride by finishing the task.

Reach 2206-m (7238-ft) Highwood Pass at 17 km (10.6 mi). It barely reaches Take the Highway 40 exit and continue south 50 km (31 mi) into Kananaskis Country. The knowledge gained from Yamnuska's avalanche safety courses will significantly improve your safety margins and introduce you to risk assessment. Dayrides. So you were able to go about 30 K there and 30K back? It’s just a tiny parking lot without picnic tables. Length 47.2 mi Elevation gain 5,958 ft Route type Out & Back Highwood Pass is described a further in the The winter gates were closed, keeping a 54-km (33.6-mi) section free of motorists. But if you have more time and can endure another ascent similar to the one you just completed, pedal through the pass and swoop into the Highwood River Valley. A ride over Highwood Pass is described a further in the touring stories section, on this page under the headings "Kananaskis Country" and "Peter Lougheed Provincial Park". Trunk Road near the Kananaskis Country

So before starting the two-hour ride back to the pass, you can do more than refill water bottles. Anyone cycling highwood pass yet? Sort by. The ridgecrest trail is a rewarding hike in summer.

}. 04). Over your right shoulder (northwest) the Spray Mountains and Kananaskis Range are impressive. side, then returned to the starting point by The pavement was free of snow. north of Longview. the main road. Here’s where the atmosphere changes from street fair to backcountry adventure, because you’ll see few other cyclists. The first time we’ve heard about Highwood Pass was from our friend, who was on a biking trip around the world. Road Cycling Highwood Pass, Canadian Rockies, by Kathy & Craig Copeland Lipsett Recreation Area at 23.2 km (14.4 mi), and curving east beneath Mist Mountain (left). Kananaskis Lakes Provincial Anyone cycling highwood pass yet? value of these products vary. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. only problem is expensive and rare food The junction’s sole enterprise is the Highwood House store, which opens each year on May 1. Press J to jump to the feed. And dozens of Calgarians were enjoying what has become an annual street fair for cyclists—unofficial but wildly popular. just conquered the highest paved Rocky The gates reopen and vehicle traffic resumes Friday, June 16.

But the best reason to tag the south gate is simply to take full advantage of the highway closure.