Political leaders are fighting vigorously to maintain the status quo through impunity pacts and regressive legislation that halts anti-corruption efforts. Moreover, the police reform commission’s mandate does not include prosecuting officers dismissed for corruption. (3) The new chief has been given a formidable amount of power, as demonstrated by the dismissal of the 4,000 officers, as well as his ability to dismiss any member of the national police who refuses to undergo a background check. It should send the U.S. State Department a strong message that, although U.S. technical and financial assistance is appreciated, the United States needs to respect Honduran sovereignty. Honduras - Corruption From at least in or about 2004, up to and including in or about 2016, multiple drug-trafficking organizations in Honduras and … Violent protests have ravaged the country for years, including one in 2014, leaving 23 dead. Honduras has been a candidate country to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative since 2013. In April 2016, a special commission was created after the president had declared corruption within the police force to be a national security emergency (Agence France Presse, May 2016). Honduras has set up a legal anti-corruption framework, but the laws are poorly implemented (Transparency International, Feb. 2013; HRR 2015). Last November, the country’s human rights comissioner echoed Ponce’s finding, stating that the temporary drop in crime rates was not because of the government’s security surge, known as Operation Lightning, but because police were too occupied by the government initiative to commit crimes themselves. We work to call out cases of corruption … President Hernández has denied any links to drug traffickers. Unfortunately for Hondurans, these examples of police participating in, and in some cases directing, criminal operations are far from isolated. The goal of the Mission to Support the Fight against Corruption and Impunity in Honduras is to support Hondurans in fighting against corruption among those in power. This points to an especially troubling characteristic of police corruption, in which the authorities are used to enforce state-sponsored repression, as academic Dana Frank recently argued in the New York Times. All charges against Bonilla were subsequently dropped after Borjas’ husband was attacked and Borjas received multiple death threats from unknown assailants thought to be operating on behalf of Bonilla. It is time for the Honduran government to take control of the country’s fate. Bolivia y la autocrítica necesaria: “No basta con tener el gobierno, hay que tener el poder popular”, El neoliberalismo radical nació y morirá en Chile, Radical neoliberalism was born and will die in Chile, Nicaragua, atacada por seguir las mismas políticas de EE.UU. Additionally, many officers discharged for criminality will have no outlet for employment and be forced into a life of crime in order to feed their families.