If I’m afraid that no one will like my writing, I tell myself a story (in my head) about how I’ll fail horribly, people will laugh at me, or even worse, no one will read what I have to say. Talking helps, but avoid drowning in self-pity, and choose the right person to talk to. The longer you let this go on, the harder it is going to be to snap out of it. We begin to feel anxious and uneasy. I recommend a book called “Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers. How do you react to it? This is very similar to #9, but with a small twist. So while their job is to help you and educate you about the world, it’s still u to you to realize when you should listen to them and when you should not. It also forces you to make better choices by evaluating both the pros and cons. As humans, we rely on our visual perception more than any other sense, so when that ability is taken away, we start to panic. It holds no power over who you truly are. I laughed and told him that I had the same fears as everyone else. The Work. You really can’t fail when you’re always seeking the positive outcome, even though the voice inside your head tells you otherwise. How do you feel afterward? So no scary stories, cartoons, or horror movies.”. By reading this article, you’ve already taken the first step, and you’ve put the wheels in motion.

It had scary hallways, walking corpses, and creepy girl holograms. Once the figures started chasing him, he turned to them and said: “Listen guys, I’m not feeling up to it tonight. As I already said, my solution was: “I’m going to avoid scary things forever. It can help just to drop your shoulders and breathe deeply.

Pray. Fervent prayer for anxiety and fear, studying on how to overcome fear biblically, group prayers to overcoming anxiety. You should be afraid of quitting your job if you don’t have a fallback. Always a pleasure to read. Keep on rocking, Meghan . Want to do something else instead?” They ended up playing cards and Mickey finally had a good night’s sleep. It also includes overcoming fear and learning the lessons that come out of it. I also like your step to surrender, i must not control otherwise it gets worse. Stop wasting time figuring everything out yourself. This is a super-scary thought. Get in touch with them, ask them how they did it, and see if it works for you. On other occasions, it just doesn’t make sense. You can “awaken” in a dream and learn how to control your dreams and do whatever you can imagine. Always giving into fear is emotional reasoning, because you don’t objectively weigh the likelihood of each possible outcome. Surrendering to what is is powerful, because as long as we try to change what is, we are in war with reality. We all tell ourselves a story about our fear. I’m sorry about writing my negative thoughts here. Join the free Wake Up Cloud newsletter, and get instant access to my report (+ MP3): 5 Steps to Finding and Following Your Passion. Studies have also shown that the fear you experience while playing video games is real — same as when watching scary movies — but even though you’re afraid, in the words of the study, “you enjoy it”. You can either engage it directly (fight) or run away from it (flight).

Let me leave you with a funny story I read in a Mickey Mouse magazine when I was a kid. If you'd like us to build your next website get in touch. Disclaimer | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy, Why We All Need to STFU About that Tiffany Paperclip, How to Write a Book: The Ultimate Guide by a Best-Selling Author, Why realising you’re going to die one day is the best thing that will ever happen to you, Download Best WordPress Themes Free Download, The Art of Learning: A Journey in the Pursuit of Excellence, Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel, Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything. We aren’t psychics. Read. Remember, fear activates even in response to a perceived threat. As you’ll see in this article, this is simply not true. This too shall pass . It helped at first and was fun, wasnt long until it got painful . “Fear cannot take what you do not give it.” – Christopher Coan.

The problem with this approach is that you can’t ignore fear forever. A good coach can help you examine what you truly want from life, and where your fears come from. Many of us have misconceptions of “fear”. Instead of running away, I stayed.


Most people naturally experience a lucid dream at least once in their lifetime. I would draw my nightmare characters on a piece of paper, then talk to them, ask them who they were, and why they keep attacking me. Playing video games can help you face your fears in a safe environment and gradually desensitize you to them.

Those are the things that have really helped. With hypnosis, you can program the right thoughts into your mind and eliminate negative thoughts and beliefs. This affected my health, mood, and happiness in real life, as the nightmares often persisted for weeks on end. Everything happens in its own time. In games, you have to act and make choices. Had a few pschotic episodes where i thought the world was coming to an end , and everyone was crazy, i had to save the world. Here’s a video I made on living in the now: 5. And trying to figure out how to do it will always leave you unsatisfied because it’s impossible. This includes things like spiritual depression and the dark night of the soul. When confronted with a possible threat, our basic survival instinct is the fight-or-flight response. Become an observer of your inner space.

The same results were found in other studies. Sedona Method. Wow I just needed such article to know about solutions regarding my fear….I am feeling so content after this article….thank you soooo muchhh..

24. Even though it was accidental and totally not planned, I still faced my fears and pushed through my fear. Therapy. Whenever you feel fear, switch it over to what you are grateful for instead. Positivity. You wouldn’t be scared of doing a lot of stupid shit, like jumping out of the window or wrestling a polar bear. Your breath can set you free. Did you know that the food you eat can have a dramatic impact on how you feel? I didn’t really know what it was about but remembered seeing the poster for the movie that displayed some hot girl holding a rifle. It’s so simple that I dismissed it several times before taking it seriously. , Copyright © 2009-2020 - Contact - Privacy & Cookies – Design by Danny Cooper. And always acting solely on your emotions, disregarding more objective parts of the decision-making process, is a surefire recipe for disaster.

Meaning. You use your fingertips to tap meridian points on your body while thinking of a fear you have and it can alleviate and sometimes get rid of the fear altogether. 17. And in this case, it is possible to overcome it and keep it under control. Fear is a warning signal. And if your life is falling apart, pay attention to what books come into your life. What is the message they are trying to convey? It’s a cliché but it’s a cliché for a reason; it works.

Even today, when I face new fears that enter my life, I still feel uneasy when I need to face them. If you don’t feel like doing anything, ask if you’re trying to avoid something, and listen. In psychology, this is known as exposure therapy and is used to help people overcome their fears, anxieties, and phobias by exposing them to the source of their troubles. Thank you! This was supposed to make me feel empowered and unafraid of these imaginary foes. You can still change your life, but it comes from a different place. It is one of the most common fears humans universally possess. How about fear of the dark? Ask your heart, God, the universe, or whatever you feel comfortable with. You could also try learning things like yoga, meditation, massage, or listen to …