As you do this, the coils around the post tighten, the slack in the string disappears, and the string begins to produce a recognizable musical pitch. Firstly, place your winder on the low 'E' string and turn the tuner anti-clockwise. But with proper knowledge, you can do this without any hardships and problems. Begin winding the string on the shaft with your string-winder (see photo 9). But if you feel any difficulty while doing it, then you can comment on your problem and we will try our best to help you with it. You should feel the string and pin snap into place. Also, bridge pins are very small and easy to lose. See you then. The string may want to flop around as you start to coil the string, so use your other hand to control it. You stop winding when you think that string has become tight enough. When you're fitting strings to an acoustic guitar, you can’t just stuff the bridge pins in and hope for the best. 2. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury,

Grab a bridge pin and slide that into the hole. If there is a little extra wire left then there is also no problem as long as it is troubling your hand movement. Nice work. I’ll meet you up at the headstock. Over the years, I’ve seen bridge pins mummified in sticky tape then jammed into their respective holes in the bridge. Restringing the guitar is not a very easy process but with the right knowledge of how to properly restring an acoustic guitar and good experience, it would become a piece of cake for you. Here, there will be six white pegs that go into the guitar … Putting a curve in the winding of the string (See photo 4) will help the ball end avoid the tip of the bridge pin and go where it's supposed to. To help get the stretchiness out of the string, pull on the string gently but firmly, bringing it directly above the fingerboard, and then tune the string up to pitch by turning the key. BA1 1UA. Like me, some of you might be struggling to choose the best musical equipment. Best Acoustic Guitar For Small Hands (Unbiased …. Next, slip the string into its hole in the bridge (See photo 5). Speaking of which, always check on the condition of your bridge pins whenever you remove them from the guitar. If it pops up a bit, push it back down. Crease (or kink) the string at the top of the tuning-post hole toward the inside of the guitar (away from the tuning key). I’m Stefan. Next time, I’m going to show you how to restring a nylon-strung classical guitar. Insert the string end through the appropriate tuning-post hole. or else take your guitar to a local music shop for tuning. First of all, balance the guitar against some reliable support. 2. Then, put the bridge pin on the sound hole. After each pull, the string will be flat (under pitch), so repeat the process of pulling the string with your fingers and tuning up until the string no longer goes flat after you pull it. I hope that this how to restring an acoustic guitar guide would help you with restringing your guitar easily. That’s the job finished. 1. Nothing you do in stringing a guitar is permanent, even when you crease or coil a string in the process! Taylor GS Mini is a fantastic acoustic guitar. Use the notch of your string winder and remove the bridge pin from your guitar. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? String winders are very helpful for this stage of the restring. Now, use the string winder to wind up the string. Now you can poke the end of the string through the hole in the machinehead shaft (See photo 8). Loosen the strings a good dozen turns or so. Now repeat the fourth, fifth and sixth steps with all other strings. Keep your bridge pins at a secure location so that they will be easy to locate when you need them later. While this should be a straightforward job, it seems that your pesky bridge pins (see photo 1 in the gallery below) are causing trouble. Learning to restring a guitar is a lot easier than you might first think, if you do it the right way. Better, choose a high quality acoustic guitar to a avoid such string issues.Now, Let's get started the topic without wasting any time. Angus Young: "Mal could solo better than me", Get deep, powerful acoustic tone on the cheap with 33% off Martin's Authentic Acoustic Superior Performance strings, Black Friday deal: This limited edition Squier bass is $100 off at Guitar Center right now, Keep your guitars in “fighting form” with D’Addario’s new Nita Strauss Hurricane Kit maintenance care package, Pedal giants unite with the launch of the Chase Bliss Audio x Z.Vex Bliss Factory and EarthQuaker x Death By Audio Time Shadows.

You have to make sure the ball end of the string applies enough tension to the correct part of the pin to stop it flying out when you tune the guitar up to pitch.

If that happens, simply loosen the string, pull a little more string through the post hole, re-kink the string, and begin the winding process again.

Cut the wire as close to the tuning post as your wire cutters will reach so the point doesn’t jab you in the finger! The ball end of the guitar string has to secure itself against the underside of the bridge to maintain the guitar’s tone and sustain.

Mainly, it depends on how much you use the guitar.