I picked this up at the same time as Barefoot Contessa at home. Martha Stewart could learn volumes from these practices. And even though Ina is shucking corn on the cover, she means business when it comes to the desserts in this book. I like Ina's other cookbooks, but this one was a complete failure. Did you know that Garten is completely self-taught? Best for Saying to Yourself, “How Easy is That?”. But while this one certainly makes us want to say “how easy is that?” over and over out of sheer irony, we’re not sure how easy it really is for the average person to make Foie Gras with Roasted Apples. I probably wouldn't make her recipes during the week for my family - they are filled with butter and calories, etc, but they are excellent for when you have people over. Best for the Person Who Bleeds Ina Garten. I find myself starting to get annoyed at the author. Ina…no. Best for Feeding Your Aspirational Hopes and Dreams. Us too. The Weeknight Bolognese truly is fuss-free, the Ultimate Grilled Cheese is a delight and the Stilton & Walnut Crackers are so Ina it almost hurts. I made "Engagement Chicken" on Sunday night and my boys loved it. I love watching Ina - she is so calming and warm, everything I hope to be if I ever actually host dinner parties. Just love her, AND her recipes! Get over yourself Ina, you are just a chef. The claim: the Barefoot Contessa’s easiest recipes of all time. It all feels a bit pretentious. The recipe for chipotle and rosemary roasted nuts is reason alone to acquire this cookbook! (Just kidding, Ina, we love you.) If you live and breathe all things Ina, you should definitely add it to your shelf. What can we say? Excellent! Another Christmas gift from Paul.... a great addition to my Barefoot Contessa cookbook collection.... lots of great tips and lots of super easy recipes, great color photographs too...if there were only a few more hours in each day to cook and bake a little more!!! I want to be her when I grow up! Highly recommended. The title is a misnomer. From the specialty ingredients to the not really recipes, this book disappointed me on all accounts. Her last book was a lot like this, too; I hope in her next volume she goes back to more bad-ass stuff like "Barefoot in Paris. You have the favorite Beatty's Chocolate Cake (on our list of best chocolate cakes ever), Coconut Cake, Lemon Yogurt Cake, Ultimate Ginger Cookie, Easy Cheese Danish and even a sweet-meets-savory Maple-Roasted Bacon. A couple were book club hits. Nice cookbook! She also tests her receipes to death so they are as close to error proof as you will find. Think Buffalo Chicken Wings, Penne with Five Cheeses and Parmesan Cheese Sticks (yum). Unlike other cookbooks (like Rachael Ray 30 min meals, etc), this one has quality recipes and ideas for making entertaining easy. I think I will probably buy it for my too-big cookbook collection because I didn't want to give it back. Would definitely recommend the Weeknight Bolognese from this cookbook as it turned out delicious and the leftovers froze well. I love all the Barefoot Contessa's cookbooks, so of course I loved this book as well. There are some recipes that seem genuinely easy, others not so much. This is my third book of hers I've bought and loved. Four-Hour Lamb with French Flageolets? I also loved getting a sneak peak into all her "shortcuts" - tools, habits or brands that make her life easier. Many of the recipes are prep ahead and then bake. We think Ina’s newest cookbook is her best yet. One thing I love about her series of books, including this one, is that she uses fairly easy to find and use products, so you aren't buying some Middle Eastern spice to use 1/8 teaspoon of it. Ten ways to finally transform into Ina Garten. can't you make something else - we're tired of chicken!". She has some great ideas listed there and the photos are a. I love all the Barefoot Contessa's cookbooks, so of course I loved this book as well. Poor Bert. But we can’t get over the fact that it’s organized into categories like “When the Boss Comes for Dinner” and “Afternoon Tea,” as if those events might actually occur in real life (no offense, boss, but we only want you inspecting our bookshelves over Zoom, not IRL). Ina Rosenberg Garten is an American author, host of the Food Network program, “First, it starts with simple ingredients. A true sign of a cookbook failure. All of Ina Garten's books are purchase worthy. Another fabulous cookbook by Ina Garten. Maybe not. Some sound like worth trying until you realize a visit to a speciality food store is in order. I love her recipes, her personality and I love the paragraphs she writes alongside her recipes. Really a great cookbook. These are the same boys who said "what is it with you and chicken? The world is a scary place, but with our chambray queen by our side, we feel a little better. Welcome back. At the core of Ms. Store-Bought-Is-Fine’s ethos is that she wants to make you look good. The Contessa’s first cookbook opens with a forward from that other aspirational Hamptonite, Martha Stewart. How thoughtful.