American Brands: AMC, Jeep and All Others, Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Off-Road Equipment, Automotive History: Lloyd LP 300, 400, 600, Alexander – Crushed By VW,,,,,, Vintage Truck of the Day: 1950(or so) Nash – Not Sold In The US, Wordless Outtake: 1980 Swedish Brick Blending In Nicely. Any help will be much appreciated. Yes. It is ironic! After WWII, Borgward put up most of the capital to start Lloyd, its mission to build smaller cars below the Borgward family of cars. [1], The Lloyd 600 and Lloyd Alexander were powered by an air-cooled two cylinder engine with a chain driven overhead camshaft. Specifications: Manufacturer: Lloyd Motoren-Werke AG, Bremen. Lloyd 300 ~ 1950-52: Lloyd 400 ~ 1952-57: Lloyd 400 ~ 1953: Lloyd 600 ~ 1955-57: Lloyd 600 ~ 1957: LT/LTK 600 ~ 1957: LT/LTK 600 ~ 1959: Lloyd Alexander ~ b/w Besides the German production, several thousand with right hand drive were assembled in Australia by Sir Laurence Hartnett. It’s almost unthinkable today but they drove such contraptions from north Germany to the south of Italy on holidays…. [8] By 1960 Volkswagen were producing more than 700,000 Beetles in a single year. The amount of jurry-rigging needed to keep them running must be amazing. Thanks!! Later versions of it were a bit larger, but still three-wheeled. Subaru looked at several flat fours before designing their own, including the Lancia, VW and the Arabella. After World War II, Carl Borgward started Lloyd as a lower-priced alternative to the higher-end Borgward family of cars. This 1968 Ford Mustang Bullitt Tribute is finished in Highland Green over a black interior and is powered by a rebuilt 302ci V8 motor paired with a Tremec 5-speed manual transmission. The Alexander even got a hi-po version, the TS, with a whopping 25 hp. Lloyd listened, and unlike DKW, ditched the two-stroke for 1955. The next time I saw him in 1969, he was driving an Audi Super 90. I see Hansa-Lloyd built a number of Elektrolastwagen. I sure like it. I saw it this summer when my church group went up to Cedar Rapids to help with flood damage repair. Greetings Geozinger. [2] Sales dropped off sharply in 1960 which was the first full year of production for the manufacturer's own new Arabella model. The company changed names and badging on a number of occasions and were never on a sound financial footing. Features include coil over suspension, disc brakes, air conditioning, Torque Thrust wheels, power windows and more.Located in Eugene, Oregon, this Mustang is now offered for sale on with records & photos from the restoration, a Marti report anda clean Oregon title in the seller's name.