Creekside Park Fishing Dock Beckwith said stripers stay around AR 392 in big numbers during cooler weather, but some may be found all year.

Keep an eye out for schools of baitfish being attacked.”. Family owned and operated owner Chef Carlo Cappiello sees that every patron leaves the restaurant, both full and happy. Even with Down East’s growing success, Beckwith has not allowed himself to become a manager, but works the water daily and knows plenty of great spots on the Neuse. More . Casa San Carlo is a traditional Italian cuisine venue, serving the best dishes and drinks from authentic Italian recipes. Craven CountyNorth Carolina, Bridgeton Fishing Dock 1. August 7, 2017 .

Take a road trip! Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point occupies several miles of prime real estate on the south and west banks of the Neuse River, so while there are ramps, there aren’t as many as across the river.

A saltwater fishing license is relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain, and can range from just $5 dollars to $15 for a 10-day period, (depending on whether a visitor is from North Carolina or from out-of-state.) Island Express Ferry Service LLC is the only authorized concessionaire to drop off at Cape Lookout Lighthouse and Shackleford Banks! Because New Bern is wonderfully close to two major rivers – the Neuse and the Trent Rivers – the community is a paradise for anglers of all varieties, Featuring ample access to saltwater species, brackish and / or freshwater species, and even great offshore species just 45 miles away or so, virtually every variety of fishing can be enjoyed in this region of coastal North Carolina. “In the offseason or when camp isn’t in session, you can fish later in the day or again in the evening, but when camp is in session, this is a spot for early mornings only.”. New Bern, NC 28560 Creekside Park is large, the area near the water is at the back of the park. Rob Mckeel. Just a few miles upriver from the Pamlico Sound, Oriental might actually be a little easier to reach by boat than by vehicle, but NC 55 east from New Bern ends there. Featuring two locations along the Crystal Coast, and serving the region for nearly 50 years, J R Dunn Jewelers is a time-tested resource for a wealth of special occasions, gifts, and “just because” treasures for vacationers and Carteret County locals alike. and knows plenty of great spots on the Neuse. He said a mixture of speckled trout, flounder and puppy drum are prevalent throughout the area, and there are also some occasional stripers and black drum. He said the pilings might be barely visible on a high tide and occasionally even go under, so it is important to move slowly and be careful. 252-636-6606. Trent River at Wilson Creek 35.04.42 N/077.06.20 W, “This spot is several miles above the boundary for Inland and Joint/Coastal Waters, but it holds a surprising number of saltwater fish,” Beckwith said.

Privacy No restroom facilities. Editor’s note: Download the digital edition of this magazine right to your computer or smartphone to learn about out the rest of the spots on the Neuse. In an unusual claim to fame, during one particularly dry summer in the 1980s, two large bull sharks were caught just downriver from Union Point Park in New Bern. Many fishermen pass over the Neuse River or ride beside it for a while as they pass New Bern headed for various points to the east.

Best of all, area accommodations can be slightly less expensive during these “off / shoulder season” periods, which means that anglers can enjoy ample fishing, while staying on a tight vacationing budget. The predominant summer southwest wind will wash scent from the bait back along and into the jetty and work much like chum to attract fish. 795 likes. Bites have been scattered as the bait begins to filter into the river. These big sport and game fish can include white and blue marlin, sailfish, yellowfin and blackfin tuna, Mahi, amberjack, snapper, and everything in between. The Commission also has free ramps on the south/west side of the Neuse at Slocum Creek (Havelock) and Hancock Creek. The fish are attracted to whatever structure is there and these little jetties become prominent.”. Anglers can enjoy a budget-friendly vacation that revolves around fishing with a visit to the New Bern area campgrounds. However, he said when the water is hot and not moving, the scent of natural bait could help attract fish and save the day. From Neuse River-bordering docks that are easy to reach for any downtown explorer, to more secretive locales that only the locals know, there are ample spots in and around town to enjoy a full morning, afternoon, or evening of local fishing. In addition, there’s a waterfront boardwalk that hugs the perimeter, as well as picnic facilities and public restrooms for a full day of fishing and outdoor entertainment. From half-day expeditions that patrol the local rivers and creeks, to full day explorations of the Gulf Stream, the sky is the limit when it comes to charter fishing, as well as the array of catches that can be reeled in. At the bend at MCAS Cherry Point, afternoon sea breezes and summer thunderstorms often converge, and local fishermen have learned to keep an eye to the sky to monitor possible approaching thunderstorms. New Bern, NC 28560, GPS 35° 08'23.04" N    77° 03'34.78" W Beckwith said the deeper channel under the bridge is a good spot to catch stripers and black drum. trips from $450 : Reel Tight Adventures – New Bern New Bern • 22 ft • 3 persons . Rhodes Pond is a black-water pond, fed by the Black River, a 33-mile stream that originates south of Angier in Harnett County. Tired of fishing the same spots? The salinity of the water varies with the amount of rainfall, but knowledgeable fishermen usually find something fun to target. They are eating bait washed along the shore by the wind-driven current. George Beckwith (252.671.3474) is a native of New Bern.