If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results. 1.1.9 Collaborate with others to broaden and deepen understanding. Label one glass “Red.” (This glass will remain red throughout the story.) Green responds by saying, “No, it is not better, it is just different than my color.”  Point out that children need to say this forcefully and stand up straight and tall when they do so. And in this short time, I've learned something rather quickly-- something I've always known, but never before had the opportunity to experience with a large group of kids:  a class read aloud can be a very, very powerful thing.

Understand:  Discuss the events of the story with classmates and the teacher.


Do you think one person can make a difference? The number of resources varies book to book. The exception is the number One. Analyze:   Compare the two glasses of water. Retrieved from  http://www.lifelessonsforlittleones.com/book-review-and-activity-one-written-by-kathryn-otoshi/, Project Cornerstone. realize using words is important when dealing with bullies. Show more details Add to cart. Vocabulary: daring, blue (emotional context), sunny, regal, outgoing, hot head, comforted, stand up, feeling hotter, blew a fuse, forgive, bully.

2.1.3 Use strategies to draw conclusions from information and apply knowledge to curricular areas, real-world situations, and further investigations. Our fabulous book club, @kidlitpicks, is focused on #loveandkindnessbooks all February -- and One is a perfect choice to demonstrate that kindness wins. Learn how your comment data is processed. Explain that this shows how one person, or a group of persons, can take away a bully’s power. For another great #picturebookoftheday, check out @booksandgiggles.

What happens … CC.KR.I.8 Integration of Knowledge and Ideas:  With prompting and support, identify the reasons an author gives to support points in a text. Get it here! (n.d.) Book review and activity:  One written by Kathryn Otoshi. A purple is paired off with a green. One by Kathryn Otoshi is a great picture book that promotes diversity, courage, open-mindedness and tolerance.

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ABC reader’s outline: One by Kathryn Otoshi:  K-2 lesson. Want the book? The Day the Crayons Came Home by Drew Daywalt & Oliver Jeffers. Students practicing being the bully and the victim. “If I were like One, then I can count too,” she thinks. Read Aloud. In the end, all of the numbers shout, “Everyone counts!”  The final line is powerful: “Sometimes it takes just One.”, The Rhode Island Department of Education is so concerned about the issues of bullying and school violence that they passed the Safe School Act to give “a consistent and unified statewide approach to stopping bullying at school.”, Stand alone  (or could incorporate in a unit with other lessons about self-esteem that can be found in Kathryn Otoshi’s books, Zero, and Two). Create: Imagine how they will behave when confronted by a bully. (6 minutes), Auditory, Kinesthetic, Social,  and Visual Learners. First, purple tells green that purple is the best. Required fields are marked *. Two trunks up! Tagged: Author M - R. Lagod Tovey. Retrieved from https://bubb.mvwsd.org/files/5914/5943/9794/OneK.2.pdf, Project Cornerstone. 2.3.1 Connect understanding to the real world. It is a perfect book for Picture Book Month! This book also models forgiveness and allowing the bully to “save face” and join the crowd in the end. Zero is big and round with no corners at all. One inspired us to make some pop-up art of the colours playing and then turning into numbers.

Every class I read One with was totally and entirely captivated.

Each time Red says or does something mean, students put a drop of red food coloring into each of two clear glasses of water. These resources relate to the book, author and illustrator. Have a look at the Pinterest Board full of crafts and activities for kids… Follow Read and Create’s board One by Kathryn Otoshi on Pinterest. Almost all characters in this book are colors, and they transform into numbers at the end of the book. It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. Evaluate: Justify why one glass of water is bright red and the other is a different color.

Although this is a book about bullying, it also reinforces concepts about colors and the numbers 1-7. (n.d.). Standard 4:  Pursue personal and aesthetic growth. One by Kathryn Otoshi is an award-winning book that teaches tolerance and acceptance. This book will also show how to deal with a bully, both to stop the bullying, and how to then forgive the bully. Bully Red picked on quiet Blue. This book will also show how to deal with a bully, both to stop the bullying, and how to then forgive the bully. If you purchase anything through them, I will get a small referral fee and you will be supporting me and my blog at no extra cost to you, so thank you! Read Aloud. Will kindness win out? All of the following indicators from AASL can be derived from this lesson.

3.1.5 Connect learning to community issues.