Well, this is the most important section on the boat isn’t it? 2017 October 1. This not only gives more waterline length but allows for very easy access to the water. You can order shades that extend over the cockpit – they are an essential option I think. You might be able to argue that it added some panel stiffness to the topsides but I doubt that’s why they did it. Outremer strives to build fast-cruising catamarans while also not compromising on safety and comfort. For more information on pricing for new Outremer catamarans visit the Outremer website or authorized dealer. The Outremer 4X catamaran has. In the salon of both, there is the galley to Starboard facing aft with a nav station forward. Who´s going to want a once-a-year bareboater blasting away on their 4X?

For me heeling is just part of the game.

We are heading out for Puffin’s first sail since it arrived in Australia after being shipped from Genoa in Italy, after a couple of months sailing around the Med on its shake down cruise. Now it’s not just about square footage but also comfort and speed. Production catamaran with customizable interior options should appeal to many. But to reiterate an earlier point, this is not all about performance. I used the self-tacking jib for that SA/D. New Outremer 4X Puffin just after arrival in Australia. Sailing such a …

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Rather, the idea behind it is that of a fast multihull boat worthy of being taken on long voyages by a small family.

This cat is a bit proportionately heavier than the other two multis this month. http://interestingsailboats.blogspot.pt/2016/11/outremer-4x-what-not-to-like.html, http://www.nauticayyates.com/barcos/european-yacht-of-the-year-2017-ganadores/, SAILING A J CLASS CLASSICAL RACER: ENDEAVOUR, C YACHTS 47 AND 42: TWO GREAT CRUISING BOATS. Outremer has won multiple awards for its innovative designs including best European boat and boat of the year.

A revamp of a speedy bluewater catamaran, the 51 is bigger and better than its predecessor. In some charter markets the cats are dominating now. December 24, 2015. However, it is not a racing catamaran.

Key features of the Outremer 55 .

By Robert H. Perry. With his crew mates now in high school and uni, a big boat like the 5X was overkill but the 4X was perfectly sized for he and Robin. The D/L is 107.

But why bother going to all the trouble and expense to make a cruising boat high performance? Read our Gunboat 68 review to get a good idea of how advanced these guys are in the art of performance catamaran cruising.

Lithium batteries consisting of 2 x 180 Ah (5,000W) in combination with a solar panel package made up of 3 x 118W walk on panels on the roof and also 4 x 150W on the davits totalling 954 Watts and two 115 amp alternators, eliminates the need for a generator. The Outremer 4X is the latest in design and innovation from the world’s leader in performance cruising catamarans Outremer Yachting. If you would like any more information on the Outremer 4X please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. and the construction of the Outremer 55, extensive studies were carried out on the selection of materials with low environmental impact (e.g. DECK The cockpit of the Outremer 45 is accessed via two big steps and built asymmetrically. To achieve this end, Outremer 49 has sacrificed the space available not only on-deck but also inside the cabin in favor of high speed.

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DESIGN – INTERIOR & EXTERIOR The Outremer 5X is a result of the coming together of recognized designers and builders. Interested in other fast boats along the same lines? With Outremer’s sister company Gunboat just across the road, they borrowed some GB technology and even installed thermo-formed foam sandwich construction which in effect, removes excess resin from an already optimised resin infused layup process. The nav station faces forward to give you good visibility.

Loïck Peyron (the 2012 Jules Verne Trophy winner) was employed as a consultant to help with the development.

Outremer are leading the way in performance multihull design which is captured fully in the Outremer 4X.

Based on the very popular the Outremer 45, the 4X has been optimized while maintaining Outremer’s core principles of speed, comfort and safety. The rig is all carbon. There are two layouts available. I’ll wait. On deck the main helm with wheel is located on the port side with an electric winch for the main halyard, main sheet and a secondary manual winch to trim the genoa and add reefs all from the helm. With its slender hulls, pulled- back foredeck, and rounded trunk cabin, Outremer 49 offers enhanced performance, faster sailing, and increased structural integrity. But if you swivel the helm seat around you can steer with a tiller! You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For reaching there is a Code D furling gennaker and downwind a 120sqm symmetrical spinnaker with a sock.

The team at La Grande Motte seem to have nailed that difficult balance between speed, feel and safety on this boat- she has an exceptionally smooth ride and cracks along even when you are over reefed and playing safe. With the sliding doors fully open, it all connects up into one big space on one level. There´s also a neat little chute that empties into the sea for organic waste/fish food when you are offshore.

This could have something to do with why the rudders are so far forward. In fact, this is a good-looking cat. Outremer have aimed high here- the objective was to produce a catamaran that delivers everything you need for cruising with all the thrills of a fast boat. It’s 23.9 so it’s not low but neither is it blistering high.

Next to the helm are the winches and clutches that control the sheets, halyards and mast rotation.

I like boats of all kinds when they show good attention to design. The L/B for this cat is 2.06. People like not heeling. From a carbon rotating mast, bulkheads, rudders and daggerboards, down to the small things like the handrail grips on the deck. Everything is well thought out and to hand – features that have been developed from years of customer feedback from other boats like the Outremer 51 and her smaller sister, the 45. The Outremer 4X has a light ship displacement of 8.2 tonnes which at 48ft is considerably less than other similar sized cruising cats which commonly approach 20 tonnes. One such option is teak wood finishing, which gives Outremer 45 a gorgeous look.

Our best estimate of the sailaway price: $829,000. Despite being a 51-footer, it, The main objective of the Outremer 49 catamaran is to provide a prime seaworthy performance.

DESIGN – INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR The Outremer 45 is a product of architecture by Barreau-Neuman, style by Partick Le Quement and interior design by Darnet Design.

It´s identical to the Outremer 45.

She’s light and finely balanced, sailing upwind or whichever point of sail. You´ll burn through around 2 litres per hour: that’s the benefit of those sleek hulls.

There is also a bathroom off the passageway between the cabins. The basic sail plan and rig of EL.CA.NO.

The Outremer 4X without the performance enhancements is known as the Outremer 45 as featured on the famous Sailing La Vagabonde YouTube channel, which is also a very respectable performance cruising catamaran in its own right. These are boats that are built to circumnavigate for 30 to 50 years. This massive 59 footer offers incredible facilities onboard while also strictly holding on to the functions which make it a force on the sea. High average speeds and good course keeping allowed by the retractable daggerboards shorten passage times meaning you can get to shelter ahead of bad weather.

The 4X cruises at 5- 6 knots under power at 2,200 RPM through one of her 30HP engines. The Outremer 4X isn’t cheap (the carbon sees to that), but they do hold their value pretty well. We catch up with new 4X owner, Doug Hibberd, who just took delivery of his new boat that recently arrived in Australia who intends to go cruising around Australia and the South Pacific with his family on board the Outremer 4X Puffin to ask these very questions and understand why he ended up with a 4X. As we are talking Outremer’s performance boat. Draft is 6 feet 6 inches with daggerboard down and 3 feet 4 inches with boards up. The 4X is designed to be lived aboard – but the X stands for performance, so the hulls are 3 ft longer (more stability), she has an tweaked deck layout, and a carbon rotating mast (the rotating bit is an option) plus carbon reinforcement to reduce the weight. “I really love sailing in light winds,” explains Doug as we cast off the lines on Puffin for a sail outside of Newcastle Harbour, “It’s just easier on the crew and boat when the conditions and sea state is light”. 300 nautical miles in a day on a passag…

This seems to be a repeating theme with Outremer owners who are out there crossing oceans and sailing the world. Coming in an owners version layout or a 4 cabin version she has a bathroom in each hull, galley up and more storage than should be used on a boat such as this. But you should be cautious with this number until you know the load condition of each boat.

What’s the hurry anyway? By Zuzana Prochazka .

Perhaps what makes the Outremer 51 such a sight to see and an experience to liveaboard is the incorporation of feedback received from owners and sailors. Outremer 51: A Sailing Catamaran for Speed and Distance.

Rather, the idea behind it is that of a fast multihull boat worthy of being taken on long voyages by a small family. ; Sail area 1,324; SA/D 23.9; D/L 107; L/B 2.06; Auxiliary twin Volvo D1-30; Fuel 88 gal. We finalized the details of all the additional features and options we are adding during our visit to the Outremer factory in January 2015.

Outremer claim that the Outremer 4X is the fastest yacht in its category, and this is easy to believe when you study the sail area to weight ratios. I think it’s accurate to say that the Gunboat fleet of very fast cruising cats opened up a new market for catamaran lovers. Although the fine hulls do not provide the maximum interior volume, there is still a lot. This combination of perfomance options and a light specification are loyal to the original design brief for this performance bluewater cruiser.

Innovation in Design You can very quickly distinguish this big cat from the others by the large shallow, scooped out section in the topsides of the hulls.

Of course, your compromise for all this speed is space, particularly down below. Why is it scooped out like that? DESIGN – INTERIOR & EXTERIOR With the 49, Outremer has kept its goal of optimum blue-water cruising clear, but while doing so, it has not compromised on its aesthetic.

Why won’t my house batteries hold a charge when powering? The Outremer 4X is the supercharged version of the Outremer 45.

Carbon fibre has been used extensively throughout to reduce weight. You’re not going to sleep well in a massive cabin if you are smashing around in it.

Im considering ordering a Outremer 45. There are 2 layouts on the menu: the owner’s version and the offshore version.

And comfort on an Outremer is more about how the boat rides and how quickly it can get you there, rather than huge living space. Now it’s not just about square footage but also comfort and speed. Although well beyond an average sailor’s price range, the 5X catamaran is worth its hefty price tag. 300 nautical miles in a day on a passage was the target for the designers: this 48-footer can move at the same speed as the wind, and sails upwind efficiently thanks to those daggerboards.

Get the most out of your advertising with MHW. In the starboard side, there is one double berth aft and a decent sized head forward.