Teri is Jane's assistant and one of her best friends. Stacy tries to convince Owen to lead a healthier lifestyle. B&B Eric Learns Quinn Spiked Brooke’s Drink – Kicks Wife Out. Deb becomes surprised when she starts to channel the real Jane's emotions when Ethan returns. Kim gets a visit from a past acquaintance, the man who worked at the firm as a temp for a few days and briefly dated Kim, but he is there for legal purposes and wants to hire Kim on a wrongful termination suit. Stacy’s water breaks and she still wants to go to her wedding. After the two break up for good, he decides to travel to world to learn more about what it means to be human, all before being called back to Heaven for eventually confessing that he is angel, again wiping everyone's memory of him except for Deb/Jane. Yet when Owen returns, he admits that he had a heart attack and was in a coma after surgery. However, Hank brings his new girlfriend to the dinner leading to an awkward evening of conversation. However, Elisa also had to turn in her license to practice nursing because she illegally went to Canada to buy prescription pills for her father, and is awaiting a decision from the medical board to see if she will continue nursing. Jane struggles to get over Grayson and work professionally with Owen in addition with the Old Jane, who has returned to Earth . Jane discovers later that Bobbie had a procedure done to enlarge her G-spot and every now and then she gets a rush of sensation. After she pressed the return button, he was demoted to be her guardian angel and work as a mail clerk in the firm to keep an eye on her. In the second-season finale, Grayson tells Jane that he is planning on proposing to Vanessa and wants Jane to be his best man. A list of the most recent or latest TV show additions. However, his earthy cluelessness often gets him into trouble as he tries to pursue mortal desires. Stacy meets a woman named Nikki, who encourages her to open a unique bakery, after Stacy accidentally crossed a pie recipe with a cake recipe. Grayson helps a dominatrix try to collect a debt from one of her clients. Kim refuses to let her impending motherhood keep her from being an excellent lawyer, going as so far to insist on finishing her summation via video when she goes into labor. However, he tells Jane that he did not want to lose another great woman and reveals his plan to propose. While at first agreeing not to pursue a relationship after the kiss, Stacy and Owen kiss again, then agree to a date. Things get complicated when it appears that Bobbie offered free dance lessons in exchange for sex. Jane represents a party in a drunk-driving case. In the episode "Lady Parts", while Jane represents Bobbie in a case where a dance client is suing her, Jane remembers dancing for her mom as Deb and how she wasn't able to do a dance routine and disappointing her mom. Jane also dates Tony, a fellow lawyer, who asks her to move to Washington D.C. with him. He is also a fan of a men's magazine article, which is where he get most of his fashion style and tips on seducing a woman. She asks for mercy on the basis that she gave her client bad advice, but the judge is not buying it and says the extradition stands. Later Hank is being sued for assault charges, Kim forces the mugger to drop the lawsuit against Hank. However, she quickly made peace with her new body by updating Jane's wardrobe, eating snacks, and becoming less self-absorbed. It is only after Deb/Jane tells Fred that Grayson and Stacy kissed that he is completely heartbroken. When Jane asked Elisa how old the boy was, Jane knew it was Parker's, but Elisa wanted to keep the child a secret from Parker and asked Jane to do the same, knowing the consequences of what would happen if Parker found out. The day has come for Drop Dead Diva's body-snatchin' secret to be revealed. She is also very accepting of other and has a generally sunny disposition. Grayson is shocked when Jane reveals who she really is. At the end of the third season, Owen asked Jane to spend a year with him in New Zealand, but she declined. Kim later meets with her client and inquires as to whether or not any of his coworkers complained about his fascination with Bigfoot. Owen defends Malibu's mayor after she's reprimanded for doing a charitable act. As the firm faces the possibility of being sold, Jane defends an heiress whose shelter for battered women is threatened with being shut down. On the last episode, Kim and Owen refused to support Jane’s new whirlwind romance. Before leaving, Luke warns Deb that Old Jane is back and can be in anyone's body, later confirmed to be in a recently deceased model, Brittney. Jane has to help Deb's mother, Bobbie, when she is arrested for inadvertedly soliciting an undercover policeman. After confronting Tony and essentially embarrassing herself in front of them, Tony later angrily informs her that that was a job interview and she probably ruined his chances at getting the job. At the same time, when Deb pressed the return button in Heaven, her soul entered Jane's body and she struggles to balance her identity along with the Old Jane's. When Jane rushes over to him, he says Deb's name. After he is fired for posting about being part of a club that hunts for Bigfoot, Kim represented him in a lawsuit against the company, and although they would lose the case Kim and the writer would end up kissing and they became a couple. Owen is approached by Stacy to be her sperm donor and he accepts. In the series finale, Jane became an independent lawyer with help from Ian, and buried the hatchet with Kim and Owen now that she had found her soul mate in "Ian.". Paul warns her that if she does, he will be sent back to Heaven and no one will remember him except Jane. On tonight’s episode Owen and Kim try to talk to Jane about her relationship with Ian hoping that she’ll understand. Jane was in a dark place after losing Grayson in Drop Dead Diva Season 6 Episode 10. Another judge who frequently presides over Harrison Parker cases. Jane encourages her. Jane doesn’t know what to do, but Ian tells her not to say anything until they can get to her as she is taken away. When he promotes her to partner, the two resume dating. In the end, Grayson used Ian's talents to serenade Jane with a rendition of "It Had To Be You.". In the third season, Grayson wakes up from his coma although he has short-term memory loss. © 2020 TV Fanatic He makes a few short appearances in season four when he mistakenly tells the real Jane how to return to Earth causing her to press the return key, being reborn in a model's body. Owen is approached by Stacy to be her sperm donor and he accepts. The angel who was in charge of Deb's case when she arrived to Heaven. Teri tells Jane that she likes Ian and is glad she is happy. Meanwhile, Jane represented a mother whose son died at a football camp; and Kim was rescued from a mugging by a masked “superhero,” who was then sued by the mugger. Claire broke up Kim and Parker's developing romance by kissing Parker. Jane declines any offer and tells Owen she has to live her life her way. Meanwhile, an accountant who had been asking questions around the firm, presumably for an insurance assessment, reveals his true purpose to Owen and Kim: Parker sent him because he wants to put the firm up for sale. When Stacy turns him down, he realizes he has feelings for Jane and finally declares his love for her on Jane's wedding day. At least it ended on a happy note. In Heaven, Grayson is startled to run into Fred and learns he was Deb's guardian angel. Owen is a no-nonsense, but offbeat judge, who wooed Jane after he first met her when he was presiding over a case she was handling in the third season. There were some conflicts between them as Jane still had to argue cases in front of him and the two struggled to remain professional at work. Bobbie arranged for Jane to intervene when Sam was accused of stealing computer equipment from her employer. Meanwhile, Owen and Stacy worked on their plans for the wedding and Kim helped a local dance troupe leader file against a pop start. Have a question or a suggestion not covered in the F.A.Q.? Jane convinces Kim to block the deal and Kim agrees to fight to keep the firm. Paul Saginaw (4 episodes), This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 15:44. On this evening’s episode, Season 6 ends with Owen and Kim trying to talk some sense into Jane about her relationship with Ian. The judge accepts it and the case gets thrown out. The Doctor and Jane share a fleeting moment of attraction and date a few times. Permalink: Owen … In the season finale, Old Jane tells Grayson about Jane's real identity. He is walking by and then he entered court. Owen offers to let her come back to the firm and he’ll give her time off to get help. Grayson is about to kiss Jane when the real Jane (as Brittney) shows up, angered she couldn't say goodbye to her mother, and tells Grayson that Jane isn't who she says she is. She wanted to skateboard with her friends and asks her to drop the charges against Bobbie.