Retire in Taiwan admin August 22, 2012 1 Naturally beautiful, peaceful, and economically a growing powerhouse in East Asia, Taiwan – or as it is officially known, the Republic of China – has become a leading retirement destination for many of the world’s overseas Chinese residents and Western expatriates seeking a more accessible version of the Chinese lifestyle and culture. This ends up being around 2500 CAN a month, which is around 60K NT a month ( a little less right now). So I know the question of retirement in Taiwan has been bandied around a few times but mostly by people who haven’t actually lived in Taiwan or sometimes have even confused Taiwan with Thailand. Good music opportunities, too, for a high schooler. I know some who own restaurants (never open one!). The schools I have looked at range between 10-12k US per year, so less than half what the American School in Taipei costs. In southern cities, it’s about 40% cheaper. (Legitimate but with some rough edges, and run by fundamentalists.). The other great thing about Malaysia are the flights. You don’t understand the value if this until you have lived in a mono culture. Malaysia is a multicultural place. You CAN work with the MM2H visa (if over 50). Good people. Surprised no one has stated it yet, or perhaps it’s well-known with OP, that Penang has rich Chinese history. Education for child: You have 5 years to prepare. Your expenses (food, rent, apt to buy) are the highest on the island. Do all kinds of things to get him ready if you come over. The business visa system is fairly simple and easy to understand, with only a few special requirements for foreigners. However, a variety of different long-term visas are available for Taiwan, all of which are easy to apply for and gain with a local job or business commitment. It looks like in Malaysia you need some sort of performers visa to be able to play music anywhere - it is hard to tell if performers are just paid under the table or how enforced this is overall, especially when you aren’t in the country. Malaysia, and especially Penang, definitely sound like a good option ( we can’t wait to visit next year!!). True enough. Taipei, Taiwan Taiwan's capital city is a hyper-efficient and high-tech Asian metropolis. Loved it. A passport with at least six month’s validity is required for all visa applications to Taiwan, although those with a passport expiring sooner may qualify for a short-term visitor visa for an additional fee. I have a mortgage on my land. For Mexico: I don’t know… It would just seem like any foreign family just ups its risk profile a bit by moving there. To qualify for a business visa in Taiwan, you must apply for the visa with a letter of invitation from a Taiwan-based company. My wife and I traveled there on a Taiwanese tour package and loved it. = "block"; If you want the Spanish immersion, why not go Costa Rico or other Central American country. And Thailand has attracted so many global criminal elements. It def a plus your wife is taiwanese, and you get more secure legal status there. Gangs, kidnappings, etc. Good catch, YGZ, on Taichung’s Green Line. I think we have a very good idea of what living in Taiwan entails, but we haven’t lived there in 8 years now, so maybe things have changed …. The issue for all of the places that I’m interested in is largely one of a Visa, and one that can be solved by teaching English ( not my favorite thing, but it can be tolerable).