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When we send your products, the package will include a "dispatch note" with details of the contents. This may make typing easier. £58.33 (ex VAT). Thank you for your support. RNIB Enterprises Limited covenants all of its taxable profits to RNIB. In this guide Denver GSP-110 TTfone Star Doro 6520 Binatone M250 Nokia 105. Reading and communicating can make a world of difference to your enjoyment of life, which is why we’re excited to support In Your Pocket – a portable media device and smart phone for blind and partially sighted people, brought to you by RNIB, RealSAM and O2. © 2020 DLF Shaw Trust, All rights reserved. During user testing, participants are asked to complete a series of tasks built around the core functionality and are observed during the process. This is a £22 composite VAT per month, 24 month contract for the device and connectivity on O2. When suppliers of products are listed on our website we give them a rating. Call 0300 999 0004. 226227), Scotland (no. Data is capped, audible messages will be sent when you are reaching the limit.

However, the Articles for the Blind scheme offers no guarantees of delivery or insurance for valuable items. Please note: The device will be delivered in five days and may take up to 48 hours to activate on to the O2 network. Binatone M250. Information quality. 5. It can be daunting knowing where to start with the thousands of products available from high street shops.

RNIB Newsagent provides daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines, and the RNIB Library provides you with access to over 25,000 Talking Books. These include specially ordered items that are not part of our standard range.

Your site is tested using access technology (for example screen readers and magnification programmes) for common usability issues against recognised principles, plus some additional checkpoints including the use of high contrast schemes. However, please be aware that Royal Mail and couriers are under increased pressure and their delivery timescales may be extended. We can also award your website or app with our “Tried and Tested” certification. For extremely heavy use it is recommended that users connect to wi-fi where possible. 1226). Some products cannot be returned. Whilst delivery is usually within seven days, it may take up to six weeks.

Also operating in Northern Ireland. We give greater weighting to suppliers who are members of trade associations with Codes of Practice which are approved by an external accreditation organisation or if they are a charity governed by the Charity Commission. Designed to make reading the latest newspapers, magazines and books easier, In Your Pocket features a new Doro device, with large buttons and a great speaker for quality sound, O2 connectivity, and RealSAM interactive speech software. We particularly hope to encourage suppliers to be more up-front about their pricing.

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The suppliers' adherence to the ISO 13485 or 9000 series of standards is also considered and how recently they have updated their product details on our database. Registered in England and Wales (no.

RC000500). For items we keep in stock at our warehouse, we make every effort to deliver your order within five working days.

In Your Pocket is a simple way for blind and partially sighted people to access the RNIB Library and RNIB Newsagent services, as well as make phone calls. Our team of RNIB Accessibility consultants can: App assessments are carried out using RNIB’s internal app accessibility guidelines and can be carried out on either Android or iOS or both. Designed with simplicity in mind, the Emporia V66 Comfort is an elegant clamshell mobile phone with accessible features. If you have any questions or queries or would like to know more about our phone range, please call our Assistive Technology team on 01872 261110. Get expert advice from an RNIB accessibility consultant – from wireframe to re-build, we can help you at every stage to ensure your website is accessible. TTfone Star. View references and sources of further information ‣. Our team of RNIB Accessibility consultants can: review your website designs or wireframes to highlight potential accessibility issues and advise how these might be avoided; Some mobile phone manufacturers are adopting an American 'M and T rating scheme' to quantify their mobile's hearing aid compatibility. Simpler text input using predictive text. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), 0124111|TTfone Titan Mobile Phone|, 0121773|TTfone Comet Mobile Phone|, 0121789|TTfone Jupiter 2 Mobile Phone|, 0121726|TTfone Lunar Mobile Phone|, 0121774|TTfone Mercury 2 Mobile Phone|, 0124146|TTfone Nova Mobile Phone|, 0121776|TTfone Star Mobile Phone|, 0121782|TTfone Meteor Mobile Phone|, 0121267|Doro 6050 Mobile Phone|, 0120486|Doro 8040 Smartphone|, 0121383|Doro 8035 Smartphone|, 0119277|Doro 6530 Mobile Phone|, 0119988|Diamond 5 Smartphone|, 0124813|Bronze Mobile Phones With Synapptic Software|, 0117738|Cl8500 Amplified Clamshell Mobile Phone|, 0120072|Cl8360 Amplified Mobile Phone|, 0124129|Big Screen Easy To Use Smart Phone|, 0114330|Doro Secure 580ip Mobile Phone|, 0105421|Phoneeasy 338 Mobile Phone|, 0124815|Gold Mobile Phones With Synapptic Software|, 0117859|Large Launcher Mobile Phone Interface App|, 0121274|Amplicomms M6700 Amplified Mobile|, 0122048|Powertel M75103g Amplified Mobile Phone|, 0120055|Powertel M9500 Senior Smartphone Mobile Phone|, 0124814|Silver Mobile Phones With Synapptic Software|, 0123764|Swissvoice C50s Amplified Mobile Phone with Smart Base|, 0123860|Swissvoice D28 Amplified Dual-Display Clamshell Mobile Phone|, 0122671|Fully Talking Mobile Phone|, 0105298|Mobile Phone|, 0121275|Amplicomms M6350 Amplified Mobile|

To maximise everything on the display, it is important to choose 'big' in Display set-up when setting up the phone.

Manufacturers of more accessible telephones and mobile phones include Amplicomms, Doro and Geemarc, and many of the models they produce are readily available form major retail outlets.

This also includes personalised items, including computer packages, as well as special order canes, walking sticks and more. We encourage those who have used the products listed to post a review on Living made easy. Accessible newsagent, library and information delivered to your pocket, now with phone calls and texts. You can also get RNIB recognition via our RNIB Tried and Tested certification logo. Memory buttons The device can roam on the mobile network within Europe, this is included in the contract, and can connect to wi-fi anywhere internationally. Your order may take a few extra days to reach you. The higher the number following the 'M' the clearer the sound should be when with a hearing aid not set to the 'T' setting. Some mobile phones have an emergency call button, when this is pressed the phone will automatically call a pre selected list of numbers (usually up to five numbers). Other mobile phones let telephone numbers be programmed to the standard keyboard buttons, keeping a number (e.g the 2 key) pressed down will dial the number pre-programmed to this 'speed dial'. The new In Your Pocket is now available. This also includes personalised items, including computer packages, as well as special order canes, walking sticks and more. Technology is evolving everyday. When products are listed on our website we give them a rating. Doro 6520. SC039316) and the Isle of Man (no. The ex VAT price will apply to blind or partially sighted people, or someone buying on their behalf.

This includes the provision of an image of the product, whether the supplier has told us who manufactures the product, whether the manufacturer has provided a description and whether a price has been provided. Nokia 105.

To find out more, please visit the In Your Pocket website.

You will always have access to the latest editions of newspapers, magazines and podcasts, wherever and whenever you want to listen. Our consultants use a range of tools and assistive technology to produce a technical report of your website, indicating issues found against the WCAG checkpoints and recommendations as to how to resolve them.

From wireframe to re-build, we can help you at every stage to ensure your website is accessible. In this guide: 1. Registered in England and Wales (no. This sleek Samsung Galaxy A40 mobile phone, with stunning design, is supplied with Synapptic software installed – fully set up and ready to use. RNIB can help you understand the needs of people with disabilities and how to ensure that your technology is inclusive. Your order may take a few extra days to reach you. However if you've not received your goods within seven working days please contact our Helpline on 0303 123 9999 who will be able to help you. However, the Articles for the Blind scheme offers no guarantees of delivery or insurance for valuable items. We audit responsive mobile sites against WCAG guidelines and RNIB’s internal app guidelines using iOS with VoiceOver. Call the dedicated In Your Pocket Helpline on 07733 514 612 or email us at [email protected]. We work with partners to deliver products on our behalf.