Her father, Joep Nicolas, was known as "the father of modern stained glass". For more information regarding Nicolas and her work. Her father, Joep Nicolas, was known as "the father of modern stained glass". Thanks to the generosity of one of our many dedicated donors, we will have a custom hybrid pipe organ in our new church. Early Christians seemed to follow the model of desert itineracy—first meeting in homes to celebrate the Eucharist, the memorial of Christ’s Passover, and, during periods of intense persecution, gathering in the catacombs in and around Rome. Above the door of our ceremonial entrance on Alderman Road, you can see what is called a tympanum: a semi-circular space over an entrance, often containing ornamental sculpture or other decoration. One of our most spectacular projects, a pair of Rose Windows custom designed and created for the new St. Thomas Aquinas Priory in Charlottesville, Virginia. This is reflected in the shape of our new church, just as it is represented in innumerable details in the finished church. Our Lord as a pilgrim, staff in hand, represents the Incarnation itself. These are both rooms of preparation for the holy liturgy and are places of prayer. Carrara, a city in the north of Tuscany. The eagle represents the inspiration of the Bible, particularly the Gospels. We will maximize use of parish land, so that no space will be wasted! As Baptized Christians, we bear the mark of Christ upon our soul. Alexander Nicholson’s relationship with the Dominicans continues, as groundbreaking nears on a new Romanesque-style sanctuary that will increase seating from 800 to 1,200 parishioners. This is the future home for a beautiful carving by renowned classical sculptor and long-time parishioner, Thomas Marsh. The relics that will be placed in the altar are: Our ambo, in addition to showing once again the beautiful marble from Carrara, displays the figure of an eagle upon its front.

These two saints tirelessly followed in the footsteps of Our Lord, proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel so excellently that their preaching and their legacy echoes down to us eight hundred years later.
In fact, the Carrara quarries have produced more marble than any other place on earth.

Alexander Nicholson acted as general contractor for a beautiful private chapel and worship space within the Priory.

Jesus Christ became man, uniting heaven and earth in His very person. Innichement will follow in St. Vincent Ferrar Columbarium. Also known as Saint Thomas Aquinas Priory Columbarium. The scene is rich with meaning. To view remaining Memorial Gift Opportunities, click here. Church seating will increase from ~800 to ~1200. But there also is a tranquil repose for the eight Dominican friars who reside there: The Priory. There is a tradition that says that the Pelican wounds itself to feed its young with its own blood. In the original work by Angelico, these are two anonymous friars; in Marsh’s interpretation, they are St. Dominic, the founder of the Order of Preachers, and St. Thomas Aquinas, our patron. World-renowned Netherlands-born artist Sylvia Nicolas comes of a family of master stained glass artists. The high-quality white marble from Italy will be used in the floor, altar, pulpit, and baptismal font. The promise represented here finds fulfillment in the New Testament: God chooses to dwell among us, incarnational and personal. Above the door of our ceremonial entrance on Alderman Road, you can see what is called a tympanum: a semi-circular space over an entrance, often containing ornamental sculpture or other decoration. The Vestry is the room where the priest and deacons “vest”—that is: they get dressed, putting on the vestments, the special clothes they wear for the Liturgy. The exquisite Eucharistic hymns of our patron, St. Thomas Aquinas, sometimes have interesting details that might escape us. In his Adoro te Devote, we sing: While you may never have thought of Jesus as a Pelican, this is a recurring symbol in art, stained glass, and religious writings (and it is even mentioned in Shakespeare's Hamlet!).
The new church will have many beautiful details inside, including: Use the tabs on this page to explore many of the details of the church design & furnishings. Thus, as the stars in our dome will remind us, in the Mass we are mystically present in Heaven. To see "what's new", click here. In this image, the two great saints are holding onto Our Lord’s hands and arm, expressive of their intimate friendship with Him. This will be the 1,300th organ for, (This is not an image of our actual organ.). TF: 800.948.1748 We will have four confessionals, providing an adequate and proper setting to this Sacrament which is so vital to the Christian spiritual life. This will be the 1,300th organ for Whitesel Church Organs! Charlottesville’s St. Thomas Aquinas University Parish is a busy ministry, including faithful from the University of Virginia as well local Catholics. Memorials: 10 added (20% photographed) Share. Nicolas' work, which includes pieces crafted for the Dominicans in Providence, RI, encompasses stained glass, sculpture, and paintings. Architect: Cram & Ferguson and Train Architects Alexander Nicholson Superintendent: Calvin Johnson A/N started a unique and impressive … Beyond efficient use of the land, this design expresses a beautiful spiritual truth: the centrality of Christ to His Church.

Fr. Through the generosity of a donor, we will have a Mary Shrine with seating to accommodate individuals and small groups who wish to pray to Our Lady. The building is designed to be acoustically sound so that, even without our excellent new sound system, all can hear! The tradition of beautiful domes, displaying golden stars in an azure-blue sky, is so ancient that it predates Christ's establishment of His Church. This particular image shows Our Lord, in the garb of a pilgrim, meeting with two Dominican friars. 2RW provided design for the MEP systems for this two-story building.