Stephen II was the last son of Emperor Louis IV who was absolved from excommunication in 1362. (March 14 1271 ndash; December 10 1310) was duke of Lower Bavaria from 1290 until 1310 as co regent of his older brothers Otto III († 1312) and Louis III († 1296).BiographyStephen was born in Landshut, the son of Henry XIII, Duke of… …   Wikipedia, Stephen III, Duke of Bavaria — Duke Stephen III of Bavaria (German, in full: Stephan III der Kneißl, Herzog von Bayern ; 1337 September 26, 1413, Niederschönfeld) was a Duke of Bavaria since 1375. Duke Stephen II of Bavaria (1319 – 13 May 1375, Landshut) (German: "Stephan II mit der Hafte, Herzog von Bayern"), after 1347 Duke of Bavaria. You could also do it yourself at any point in time. When Duke Meinhard, the son of his older brother Louis V the Brandenburger died in 1363, Stephen II succeeded also in Upper Bavaria and invaded Tyrol. First, 27 June 1328 with Elizabetta of Sicily, daughter of King Frederick III of Sicily and Eleanor of Anjou. Would you like Wikipedia to always look as professional and up-to-date? His father had reunited Bavaria in 1340 but in 1349 the country was divided for the emperor's sons again into Upper Bavaria, Lower Bavaria-Landshut and Bavaria-Straubing. In 1447 Bavaria-Ingolstadt was united with Bavaria-Landshut, which was seized by Bavaria-Munich in 1503. Duke Stephen II of Bavaria (1319 – 13 May 1375, Landshut) (German: "Stephan II mit der Hafte, Herzog von Bayern"), after 1347 Duke of Bavaria. Stephen II ruled from 1349 to 1353 together with his brothers William I and Albert I in Holland and Lower Bavaria-Landshut, since 1353 only in Lower Bavaria-Landshut. Brother of Mechtild Von Meissen of Bavaria; Anna von Bayern-München, prinzessin and Ludwig V (Louis) "der Brandenburger" von Bayern, Herzog zu Bayern, Markgraf zu Brandenburg 1338), married c. 1356 King James I of Cyprus. (October 9 1269 ndash; October 9 1296 in Landshut) was duke of Lower Bavaria from 1290 until 1296 as co regent of his brothers Otto III and Stephen I.BiographyStephen was born in Landshut, the son of Henry XIII, Duke of Bavaria and… …   Wikipedia, We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. Louis IV had reunited Bavaria in 1340 but in 1349 the country was divided for the emperor's sons again into Upper Bavaria, Lower Bavaria-Landshut and Bavaria-Straubing. Son of Kaiser Ludwig von Wittelsbach, IV, des Heiligen Römischen Reiches and Beatrix Świdnicka von Schlesien-Glogau Stephen II Von WITTELSBACH Duke of Bavaria 68 was born 22 Dec 1313 in Munich, Oberbayern, Bavaria 68 and died 10 May 1375 68 at age 61. Attention : Age at Marriage (June 27, 1328) Below 16 Years (14), May 19 1375 - Landshut, Stadt Landshut, Bayern, Germany, Dec 22 1313 - Mhunchen, Oberbayern, Bayern, Germany. Family He was a son of Stephen I, Duke of Bavaria and Jutta of Schweidnitz. His maternal grandparents were Bolko I,… …   Wikipedia, John II, Duke of Bavaria — Duke John II of Bavaria Munich (1341 ndash; 1397), (German: Johann II, Herzog von Bayern München ), since 1375 Duke of Bavaria Munich. The Emperor had acquired Brandenburg, Tyrol, Holland and Hainaut for his House but he had also released the Upper Palatinate for the Palatinate branch of the Wittelsbach in 1329. May 19 1375 - Landshut, Bayern, Deutschland, Keizer Lodewijk Iv 'De Beier' von Bayern von Wittelsbach, Beatrix von Schlesiien-Glogau Piast, Elisabeth von Wittelsbach, Ludwig Vi von Bayern von Wittelsbach, Albrecht von Bayern von Wittelsbach, Elisabeth de Sicile D'Aragon, Margaretha von Hohenzollern, Margarete von Nürnberg von Hohenzollern, Etienne III von Ingolstadt von WITTELSBACH, Friedrich II von Bayern-Landshut von WITTELSBACH, Johann II von Bayern von WITTELSBACH, May 10 1375 - Landshut, Niederbayern, Beieren, Lodewijk Iv van Wittelsbach Keizer van het H. Roomse Rijk, Beatrix van Glogau. That's it. After the temporary reconciliation of the Wittelsbach with Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor, who had finally confirmed all Wittelsbach possessions, Stephen joined Charles' expedition to Italy in 1354. Second, he was married 14 February 1359 to Margarete of Nuremberg, daughter of John II of Nuremberg and Elisabeth of Henneberg. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. Stephen finally renounced Tyrol to the Habsburgs with the Peace of Schärding for a huge financial compensation after the death of Margarete Maultasch in 1369. He was the eldest son of Stephen II and Elizabeth of Sicily.From 1375 to 1392 he …   Wikipedia, Henry XIII, Duke of Bavaria — Henry XIII of Bavaria, member of the Wittelsbach dynasty (19 November 1235 – 3 February 1290 in Burghausen) was duke of Lower Bavaria. It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. He was the second son of Emperor Louis IV the Bavarian by his first wife Beatrix of Świdnica and a member of the Wittelsbach dynasty. Duke of Lower Bavaria:Reign 1349–53 with William I and Albert I Predecessor: Created from Bavaria Successor: Partitioned into Bavaria-Landshut and Bavaria-Straubing Duke of Bavaria-Landshut: Reign 1353–75; Predecessor: Created from Lower Bavaria Successor: Johann II, Friedrich and Stephan III. He is buried in the Frauenkirche in Munich. Husband of Elisabeth d'Aragona, Sicilian princess and Margarethe von Nürnberg, Herzogin von Bayern-Landshut