How to Acquire: Complete The King’s Feast and buy it for 10,000 Overcharge A big part of the fun of Sunset Overdrive's guns is using them in tandem with one another to produce bombastic, dizzying effects. They make combat more harried and frenzied, but also more tactically nuanced. This is a useful weapon for taking out large targets like Blowers and Gunkers. As you play, you will begin to develop a play style, be it bouncing around cars and tents shooting enemies or grinding and undergrinding around the area shooting at your enemies. How to Acquire: Complete Hot Dog But they're still good additions—despite the fact that, at face value, Sunset Overdrive already has more than enough rocket launchers to its name. Once a month 5 games will be put up for voting by YOU the community! Acid Sprinkler - Great for challenges/night defenses/chaos squad due to it hitting anything near it.

Overdrive Badges deal with a wide array of gameplay mechanics, enemies and weapon types. How to Acquire: Complete Hepcat’s Late-Night Special to buy it for 55,000 Overcharge The best way to effectively level these up is to enter a highly traversed area (OD are the most common enemy and will likely be your highest enemy badge for the majority of the game) and kill enemies using the play style you are focusing on. Your Top 5 Weapons. Hair Spray Bomb + Nuke - Amazing for taking out a bunch of OD at once, Propain Launcher + Grind & Bounce Damage - Huge damage agains the big guys. The rager is essentially a mind-control device that forces any enemies you hit to fight for your side for a little while. You can easily hold a large enemy or an army of smaller enemies in their position. This weapon works best when it is charged by holding the fire button for about 2 seconds. How to Acquire: Buy it from Two Hat Jack for 3,000 Overcharge Weapon Susceptibility: OD 3, Scabs 2, Robots 4, Bosses 2. My only real complain so far is the fact that the weapon shop doesn't show the effectiveness stats when buying. How to Acquire: Complete Hot Dog and buy it for 20,000 Overcharge Vote Now or Die Hard (then Respawn) Sunset Overdrive is packed with tons of outfits and explosive weapons, but Insomniac wants you to help decide some of the exciting content updates and changes on a regular basis. Sunset Overdrive; what's the best weapon to use against the Robots? Do note that it takes a moment to charge before you could fire it. This weapon has the highest DPS than all weapons in the game and pierce through any enemy without any issue. Captain Ahab – Single-Shot Weapon Susceptibility: OD 2, Scab 4, Robots 2, Bosses 2.

Found anything missing or confusing? Freeze Bomb is one of the best weapons when it comes to pure crowd control.

The most important part of the DLC is a weapon pack that adds four new guns to the game. This does not have the greatest damage of all deployables, but it is a good idea to have these at your back for additional fire-power. These always consist of OD though as your enemy. Hits everything in it's path. Types of Weapons

how does it work on wingers? It also can deal with any type of enemy very well. Weapon Susceptibility: OD 3, Scabs 3, Robots 2, Bosses 3. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

One-Handed Dragon – Single-Shot

Weapons are basically earned by two means: playing the Story Mode and playing the Chaos Squad. One-Handed Dragon: This is my goto for dealing with Muggers and Wingers.

How to Acquire: Complete Big Trouble in Little Tokyo and buy it for 25,000 Overcharge This is the Game Club sub where we pick a game to play each month and discuss it. More of that this year, please. I usually use roman candle gun/dirty harry revolver for scabs and the high fidelity for OD, but no matter what weapon I use on the robots they just don't go down. Weapons, in Sunset Overdrive, are categorized into three main categories: Fully-Automatic Weapons, Deployables, and Single-Shot Weapons. The plague bomb and rager are both area-of-effect weapons that are most effective (in my experience so far) when fired into a dense swarm of enemies, though each has a different impact on bad guys. How to Acquire: Complete Big Trouble in Little Tokyo and buy it for 15,000 Overcharge I guess I didn't give it much of a chance since it didn't seem like it was doing much, what was the how to use it? This weapon has a below-average damage output, but its high rate of fire makes up for it. Weapons, in Sunset Overdrive, are categorized into three main categories: Fully-Automatic Weapons, Deployables, and Single-Shot Weapons. Alternatively you can level up traversal badges (grinding, bouncing, wall running) by simply traversing the area, avoiding enemies and just collecting collectibles (toilet paper, stashes, smelly shoes, Fizzy balloons etc). Awesomepocalypse is nigh and you’re frustrated. Feel free to respond on the forums or here on Reddit.

When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in confederacy against him. I'm gonna cut out your eyes and piss in the ****ing sockets! Freezing does not deal any additional damage to enemies, but you can swap to other weapons and shatter frozen enemies.