£55.00. All of our cookware has been designed and manufactured without lead or cadmium for more than 20 years. Is it useful to cook at high temperatures with my non-stick cookware? Take care when placing pans on gas hobs as the number of support legs vary and small pans in particular may need a trivet, which most gas hob manufacturers will supply with their hob or can be bought from the separately. What should you do when the food begins to stick? All Rights Reserved. Magnetic stainless steel enables cookware to be all hobs compatible including induction, The unbreakable long handle is oven safe up to 210 °C, with a comfortable soft grip to hold pans with greater ease. Wash and dry your cookware after each use. Time : 19min, Difficulty Handles and knobs may loosen after a time due to the continual heating and cooling of the fixing. What's in the box 1x Jamie Oliver by Tefal stainless steel stew pot 24cm • Use plastic or wood utensils, with some ranges, you can use certain metal utensils with the exception of knives and whisks (Refer to the recommendations for use indicated on the packaging or in the instructions included with the product). Time Choose plastic or wood. (Please see below.) Buy Jamie Oliver by Tefal from Kitchen Warehouse, Australia's Number 1 in Kitchenware. The non-stick coating in my frying pan is now sticking - why? Some dishwashers may not be compatible with pots/frying pans so please check the instruction manual of your dishwasher before use.Dishwasher Compatibility:Pot/frying pan part: YESSpecial handle: YESCooking lid: (excluding knob of magnet-types): YESDetachable lid knobs of magnet-types: NO (It may result in rusting)Storage seal lid: NO (It may result in deformation)To prolong the life of your pan, we recommend hand washing with a non-abrasive sponge. Time However, care should be exercised when using any metal utensil. Frying pans feature Tefal's iconic Thermo-Spot technology that indicates when your pan has reached the optimum cooking temperature. Free delivery on orders over £49.99. Compatible on all hobs including Induction and are dishwasher safe. Time : 19min, Consumer ServicesPrivacy PolicyGroupe SebJoin usLegal terms, Nous sommes désolés ! Some parts are dishwasher-safe and other parts aren't. : Hard It is totally harmless in case of ingestion. : 65min, Difficulty These tests have systematically proven the absence of PFOA in products with Tefal/T-fal non-stick coating. What are the guarantee conditions of my appliance? Elegant and modern design with chef’s style. : 55min, Difficulty It is PTFE which gives the cookware the non-stick properties. : Very easy : 35min, Difficulty Please go to the “Accessories” section of the website to easily find whatever you need for your product. The non-stick properties of the ceramic coating are a lot more limited, both in terms of performance and duration, than those of the classic (PTFE) coating. There is, at the moment, much confusion about non-stick coatings, which are sometimes related to PFOA. Excessive force on the outside of aluminium pots or frying pans resulting, for example, from them being dropped or hit may result in deformations of the pots/pans.