In addition to this you have to consider costs that may be incurred in Kenya e.g. After the burial, the biodegradable plastic outer shell breaks down and the remains of the deceased provide nutrients to a sapling planted right above it. Price includes installation, This equipment is portable and we will provide on site. You can choose to be cremated in Germany and have the ash buried in Kenya. Considering wreathes, tombstones or crosses aren’t allowed, a small plaque with the name of the deceased is hung on the trunk of the tree.

Nowadays, there are numerous methods to fit every taste. Do you want your body buried or cremated? We are a non-profit charity and costs are kept to the bare minimum whilst ensuring adequate margin for reinvestment and management of the woodland for future generations. The price varies greatly from one city to another, the highest cost recorded is €12,500. Planting a tree is an act of love for future generations and for the future of our planet. £ 25.00: Dedication of Memorial Tree Once the burial pod is buried deep underground a tree seed or a young tree is placed directly above, and from one source of life sparks another.” This might sound great but I can tell you from a burial perspective, this presents a lot of logistical challenges, which might be part of the reason that it has been in the design phase since 2003. In this case, the body is cremated and the remains buried. The Capsula Mundi biodegradable urn is available in two versions. If you’d prefer to spend the rest of your days on the moon, then the cost for that starts at €10,000 for the first gram. Cheques also accepted made payable to the St Albans Woodland Burial Trust.

However, other companies aren’t as generous. This carries entitlement to a 50% reduction of the cost of a grave space at the time of burial. This method was reserved for the seamen and sailors, but from 1934, Germany now allows it for the masses. Reservation of single grave space for cremated remains, Friends of St Albans Woodland Burial Trust. Every individual should have the choice to choose how and where they are put to rest. Events, Life, Tips To those who love science fiction and anything to do with space. You can choose to be buried in a cemetery here in Germany or have your body transported back to Kenya. mortuary costs in case the body arrives a few days before the planned burial date; cost of a renting a burial space if the person is to be buried in a public cemetery and of course church costs and food for the mourners. Funeral homes in Germany offer depositing in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, however, exceptions may be made for those who prefer to be deposited in the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean or any other seas. May 27, 2015 They do not include fees for church services, ministers fees, charges levied by undertakers or the cost of preparing the ground.

Memorial Diamonds (Diamantbestattungen or Erinnerungsdiamanten). The tree urn’s inner volume is 3,5 liters. Hartley says the cost for a fully serviced natural burial at Saumarez Pond will be the same as the price of a fully serviced cremation in the same area. The Capsula Mundi project by designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel has developed an organic, biodegradable burial capsule that will turn the deceased's body into nutrients for a tree that will grow out of their remains. The remaining sum due will be 50% of the cost of the grave space at the time of burial, not at the time of reservation. Burial of the Urn with the ash (Urnenbestattung). In this case, relatives scatter the ashes of the deceased from an aeroplane or a hot air balloon. Cremation offers the most options. The White Capsula Mundi urn is a pearly-white color, not a brilliant white, created by using fully biodegradable material in the production process.

The Capsula Mundi biodegradable urn is our first milestone but from now on we will work for developing also the Capsula Mundi for the body! This type of burial usually costs between 2400 and 8800 euros.

While a friends or family only tree goes for 2500- 6350 euros.

Imagine looking up at a tree, and feeling the presence of your loved one, knowing that they gave life to the beautiful and lively leaves and branches. Once the bio urn is in the soil, it takes from few months to few years to biodegrade, depending on local climate and soil conditions.

Caspula Mundi tree urn is made in Italy. The weight is about 1,4 kg (50 ounces). Should you be put to rest where you die or in your rural home or in a public cemetery? All charges are reviewed annually by the Trustees, If you are interested in charges for funerals in general, then you may find the following website helpful:-, Whilst it is not mandatory, we do recommend the services of a Funeral Director as it takes a lot of the stress and worry off you during this difficult period. Mkenya Ujerumani e.V. The Sand Capsula Mundi urn has a beige-gray tone, with evenly distributed sand particles creating the effect of a natural surface, which makes each Sand tree … Weekend and extraordinary arrangements may incur an additional charge. The most prominent tree burial within the Kenyan community was that of Misterseed’s Relative from Bonn in 2013. Once the body has been cremated, then the possibilities thereafter are endless.

A basic burial of the ash costs between 700 and 6,ooo euros.


Tree burial (Baumbestattungen / Naturbestattungen). This does not mean you need to compromise on quality as you can see from these. Reservation of single grave space (Pay full amount now). We use MailChimp as our marketing automation platform. The surface has a uniform shade and with a very slightly shiny, satin finish. Transporting a body back to Kenya costs between €6000 and €15000 depending of course on specifications of what the funeral director has to do to prepare the body and eventually the airline they use to deliver the body to Kenya. The tree urn’s inner volume is 3,5 liters.

The ashes are put in a soluble urn which is then deposited in the sea or ocean. mkenyaujerumani We have prepared here, Coffins, urns, shrouds, caskets - whatever you prefer to use, must be environmentally friendly.

One may choose from a tree shared with family, friends or with the public. Reservation of single grave space (pay half now and half later). The Capsula Mundi biodegradable urn is now available online on our e-commerce and it can be bought from all over the world. The remaining ash may be buried in any of the other methods. For an orbital burial, you would be looking at at least €2500 for the first gram and up to €5000 for 7grams. I found this to be the most fascinating method.

This can be quite cheap with the costs ranging from €750 for an anonymous scattering with no relatives at the event and up to €2500 when some relatives are included. The fee does not include fees for church services, ministers fees, charges levied by undertakers or the cost of preparing the ground. The Sand Capsula Mundi urn has a beige-gray tone, with evenly distributed sand particles creating the effect of a natural surface, which makes each Sand tree urn unique. They all have their own charging structure and you will need to take this into consideration too. mkenya[@]
There will be nothing else to pay in relation to the grave space irrespective of future price increases. This is slightly cheaper than burying the body but not too much of a difference. A tree seed is placed into the capsule with them, and the pod is then buried in fertile soil. How long do you want your grave preserved? Death and funerals are personal.

Now you can decide to become a tree after death and contribute with your choice to a very important cultural shift.
Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates about Capsula Mundi. Should the place you are buried remain anonymous or labelled for visitors? A small inscribed plaque may be supplied by the Trust at additional cost, Bio degradable vase.

Burial at sea costs between 1000 and 7000 euro. Some of the ash is subjected to high temperatures and pressure to produce diamonds. Relatives outside Germany may even choose to keep the ash at home, though this is illegal in Germany but is allowed in Switzerland and can be taken care of by the funeral home.

It comes from the expertise of Italian artisans and each urn is realised with a semi hand-crafted production, using a biodegradable polymer (bioplastic). Questions to help you choose the perfect method, Burial of the body (Sarg- oder Erdbestattung). Do you want your grave maintained and taken care of.

One may choose from a tree shared with family, friends or with the public.

The basic fee is only €250, however, the choice of tree can be quite expensive., When Western Technology Meets Eco-friendly African Building Techniques – Afritecture, Call for Nominations for the Yilmaz-Akyürek-Preis, Governor of Baringo County in Gersthofen in Augsburg, Homosexuality Grounds for Asylum for Africans, Three Universities, Two Continents, One Study Course, 23 Participants, Kenyan-Swiss Builds a 2.5 Acre Paradise for the People of Kikambala, German Embassy Kenya Releases Message Celebrating “50yrs Kenya-German Relations”, Proudly powered by Tuto WordPress theme from. BACS payment details supplied with invoice. You may pay now for the full cost of a single grave space and the selected grave will be reserved for you at the time of burial. A public tree is the cheapest and costs between 430 and 1200 euros.