I was given these pipes as a gift a few years ago but never got around to learning them(thus they are HARDLY played an in the condition I got them in. g.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2Bjw%60hquvg%3Eg-147d16db6b3-0x107-, This set of pipes was made in 2011. I will post to UK. Octave E's are in tune. That was in 2011, and I think his chanter and reed were a bit over 200 bucks. African Black wood UILLEANN Pipe zumacreationz, CC New Uilleann Bagpipes Chanter reeds of Spanish Cane/uillean pipes Reed/reeds, Uilleann Bagpipes Chanter reeds of Spanish Cane 6 pcs/uillean pipes Reed/reeds, CC Uilleann Bagpipes Chanter Reed of Spanish Cane 1 pcs/uillean pipes Reeds, Uilleann Bagpipe Chanter Reeds of Spanish Cane 3 pcs/uillean pipes cane reeds, CC New Uilleann Bagpipes Chanter Reeds of Spanish Cane/uillean pipes Reed/reeds, Special HOLIDAY Offer UILLiEAN Pipe HALF SET ROSE WOOD. The other parts can be used in a personal pipe build. The bellows are airtight and as I mentioned above, they work better than any of the other bellows that I have. uilleann pipes - practice set in D - Made by Dave Williams, uilleann pipes - D chanter - Made by Michael Vignoles of Galway Ireland, Uilleann Pipes in D, Drones, Chanter, Baritones Regulator, Spare Bag, Bellows, uilleann pipes drones uilleanpipes cornemuse irlandaise uilleannpipe mc nicholl, Uilleann pipes practice set in D. Hunter/Lawrence, BC Childress uilleann pipes full set in B, Uilleann Pipes Set: Nick Whitmer Chanter, MacHarg Bag, Bellows, Case Included, Uilleann Pipes D Practice Set by CJ Dixon, Fully Keyed Taylor Style Uilleann Pipes Half Set in D, Irish Uilleann PIPES, starter set—DAVID QUINN— + 3 books, BC Childress flat set of uilleann pipes in B, Uilleann Pipes Practice Set v. Andreas Rogge, Uilleann Pipes practice set in D with extra chanter and goodies. This type of drone unit is quite unusual and rare, and is based on the instruments by Malcolm McGregor who worked in London in the early part of the 19th Century. The chanter is missing. Will ship carefully and quickly. Please message me if you have any questions!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Taking another tack I accosted Davy Spillane after his set at the Edmonton Folk Fest in 2003 or so, though he politely refused to hand over his reed, even though he walked away with my ballpoint pen. Sturdy gun case included. Great looking cover. In form they are one with the types depicted on the Continent about this time (e.g. Irish Uilleann Bagpipes Blackwood Pipes Half-Set.

If you have any questions or I've omitted to mention anything please let me know. As an inexperienced Uilleann Piper, I was never able to figure out how to get the regulators to sound in tune, but. ClarkeI would recommend the buyer of these pipes be well versed in Uilleann pipes, and have some experience playing a full set.this is NOT for a beginner. I cannot guarantee these reeds will work for your specific setup. The bellows follows the old French style of having a wooden waist pad fitted to the inside paddle. Unlike the better-known Scottish Highland Pipes, which are inflated when the player blows into the bag, the Uilleann Pipes are inflated by a small set of bellows held under the player's arm. WE would really like to add few words from same professional piper who has been playing Hakamdin bagpipe for last 30 years and now again purchased Great Highland Blackwood ARMY MODEL Bagpipe which he is playing on youtube ebay I-D wilds1963. It follows the MacGregor pattern of two drones(Baritone and Bass) and two Regulators. He apparantly stopped playing and making reeds a number of years back. It will be apr. Let me know. Absolutely no wear and tear on it, though it may need some work from having been on the shelf so long. I then figured I'd learn to make my own reeds, as such seems to be a thing to do when battling"the Piper's Despair, so I bought some supplies for that(a'shooting board' I believe it's called, plus some beeswax and string and a brass collar, cane, and some chisels-again from Ireland I believe, but I'm not sure, and I don't know where the bridles went) That experiment did not go very far, needless to say. The main object of Na Píobairí Uilleann shall be the promotion generally of Irish music and the music of the uilleann pipes in particular. If you are in the New England or New York area I'm willing to meet halfway on the drive or even the whole drive if close enough to Boston or Providence. My wife had notions of connecting them to her Scottish border pipes but the plumbing for those is on top of course, meaning she'd have to get a and re-tie a new back with the stock on the side so she figured it wasn't worth the effort and they've been sitting around for a couple of years. You can visit his website here: This set prices out at over $10.000 USD with all extras, and about a 3 year waiting list. Everything works beautifully. I need to sell it.

Sale is final. But was repaired well and is very stable. A. thorough tutor for Piping AND Reed making! These pipes are now most commonly known as Uilleann pipes (pronounced ill-yin, from Irish uille, elbow).

the confirmed address. The set comes with several reeds for both the drones and the chanter. MAKE AN OFFER!
I do not see any cracks or damage to the reeds. The tone is full and resonant, with an excellent hard bottom D, and it balances well with the drones. But i have no doubt that hakam din pipes are world class( blackw, GHB bag cover by Hastings Custom Pipebag Covers. The chanter also comes with four spare cane reeds, two from Alan Ginsberg and two from Davy Spillane.

Expertly crafted Irish Uilleann Pipes from Ray Sloan, pipemaker & musician for over 30 years. The air supply hose can be completely detached from the bellows body for fitting in slimmer cases, and a long leather waist belt is fitt, Irish Uilleann PIPES. Leather bag is airtight.

Just normal light wear, and a tiny hole- probably a tuning hole that was filled in. Rogge pipes are played by many famous players worldwide. Clarke. I needed this chanter for a Christmas performance last year and no longer have need of it. Perfect for a beginner looking to move on to play with drones and will have the Baritone regulator waiting. His B sets are copies of vintage Colgan pipes.
BC really makes a quality set of pipes. They are just sitting in my closet. half set made by Chris Langan in the early 1980s, tenor and baritone regs by Martin Gallen in 2017. It will supply sufficient air to power a full set of pipes. The year was 1986 or 1987. vastu purusha malayalam what are uilleann pipes made ofmatilda digital copymatilda digital copy Two new reeds are included. 2 reeds by Brian Howard, three drones all with reeds. I was fortunate enough to meet Eugene Lambe in Kinvara. Posted with On Oct-13-13 at 15:43:09 PDT. The drones are reeded, but I honestly only ever used the chanter. No returns/exchanges. I purchased this bellows several years ago with a practice set but I did not use it much until the last year. Selling a practice set in D. The chanter was made by Sam Lawrence of Hunter pipes. This bag with fittings represents some very advanced construction skills. The connections are pretty standard UP tenons that will fit most pipes but you can find adapters at the plumbing shop fairly easily. bottom is 10" So it's a good sized bag.

Paypal onl y. This is also handy as most tutorials say to start with just the Baritone regulator. GHB bag cover by Hastings Custom Pipebag Covers. The chanter is missing. It fills my bag in about 4 strokes and is leak free. See my other auctions for, a set of drones and a batch of reed making supplies. By C J Dixon. Published 1936. The word comes from the Irish uille, which means "elbow," indicating the method of inflating the bag. Dixon Low D Whistle 1 Piece nontunable 4.3 out of 5 stars 111. +worldwide shipping for a super minimum cost of only 9$ I accept PayPal payment! Posted with.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fvo%7B%3Dd70f%2Bf52%3E-143f305ba9e-0xd9-, You are bidding on a beautiful key of C Uilleann chanter made respected bagpipe maker. Writing in 1698, John Dunton, an English traveller, describes a wedding in Kildare: “After the matrimonial ceremony was over we had a bagpiper and blind harper that dinned us with their music, to which there was perpetual dancing.”. US shipping is $30.00 If it's less I'll refund the difference. Full membership of Na Píobairí Uilleann is restricted to Uilleann Pipers. Will be sold as is. zipper bottom seam and Velcro closure at back of cover. Wood, brass, bellows and bag show no signs of damage. There is no other damage, no woodworm. Plays beautifully. Many other bag makers do this for when you may be wearing a sweater or sweatshirt and it may block the top hole.

The reed pictured will be included with the sale. I am original owner but play it very infrequently.